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Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge

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Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge (RULSC)

OCAD University, University of Toronto and York University have joined Ryerson University to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Syria, mobilizing communities to bring and resettle Syrian refugees throughout Canada. The RULSC program has been designed to resettle Syrian refugees and to provide experiential learning and applied research opportunities for students. Initially established with a goal of sponsoring 10 families, the RULSC committed to sponsoring 75 Syrian refugee families or 300 people. RULSC met its goal to bring together 75 teams to sponsor 75 families.

To date, Toronto’s network of universities has raised more than $4 million, formed 90 teams, and helped 15 Syrian families, consisting of 93 people, to settle in Canada.

75 teams + 75 families = 300 newcomers

RULSC has attracted a network of more than 1,000 volunteers including students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members. For student volunteers, RULSC is providing unparalleled experiential learning at all four universities.


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This program demonstrates Ryerson’s values as a city builder and promoter of inclusion, helping to make a difference for refugees affected by the crisis in Syria. Join students, senior administrators, faculty, alumni and community members from all four universities in the Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge to support the successful resettlement of families sponsored by RULSC teams.


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