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Learning & Teaching Grants

The Learning and Teaching Office (LTO) offers grants to fund compelling new strategies which reflect Ryerson's commitment to classroom teaching our diverse student body.

Learning & Teaching Enhancement Fund (LTEF)

The Learning and Teaching Enhancement Fund (LTEF) will be used to support and promote both better engagement in the classroom and scholarly research around higher education teaching. Learn more about the LTEF.


Teaching About Diversity Fund (TDF)

Ryerson University promotes and supports inclusivity in the classroom. We have one of the most diverse student populations in the world and it is important to ensure that our curriculum addresses issues of diversity and inclusion. In order to help faculty and programs meet this goal, the Provost has established a multi-year fund (TDF) that will enable faculty members to develop new courses, infuse diversity and inclusion into existing courses, support conference attendance, conduct research into issues of building a diverse and inclusive curriculum, and support the development of workshops and training. The goal of this fund is to ensure that the curriculum offered in Ryerson classes and programs addresses diversity and inclusion and that Ryerson students are expected to demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of diversity in society. Learn more about the TDF.