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The Census

Census of Canada Research Guide: There are several ways in which members of the Ryerson community can access Census data. For a detailed description of Census resources, look at the Guide.

Sources include:

Statistics Canada - Census 2006 website

University of Toronto Data Library Service - (restricted to University of Toronto, York University and Ryerson University users) There are data available from this source that are not available from other sources mentioned.

Canadian Census Analyser @CHASS Profile data available at Canada, Province, Federal Electoral District, Census Tract and Enumeration Area/ Dissemination Area levels. Postal code conversion is also available. These data are restricted to University of Toronto, Ryerson University and York University users. Profile data are available electronically dating back to the 1981 Census at the CT and EA levels of geography.

Ryerson University Library

Maps of the Census Tracts for Toronto CMA are in the Map Collection. Maps (2nd floor) G3464.T69E25 2006 .S738

GeoSuite CD-ROM with Population and Dwelling counts for most levels of geography including Block level. Reference (2nd floor) 92F0085XCB 2006

Reference material

Descriptions and definitions of the Census "Geography" (terms such as census metropolitan area, census subdivision,
dissemination area) can be found in the Census Dictionary Geography universe index or the Illustrated glossary

Other important background information can be found under Reference material

Lists of suppressed dissemination areas (DAs), census tracts (CTs) and census subdivisions (CSDs) as well as incompletely enumerated Indian reserves and Indian settlements can be found under Notes in Reference material


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