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Public use micro-data files (PUMFs) are produced by Statistics Canada for some of their surveys.

Analysing the microdata of a survey allows the user to generate tables and statistics not available from Statistics Canada produced publications and tables.

The PUMFs are available as part of the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI). A list of PUMFS available through DLI can be found at the DLI Collection page of Statistics Canada's website.

<odesi> is a service that allows users to search, browse, create summary statistics, graph and download microdata from a range of Statistics Canada surveys, Gallup Polls and other surveys. It is available to all Ontario university students, faculty and staff.

Ryerson Library subscribes to the University of Toronto, Data Library Service, Microdata Analysis and Subsetting interface. This interface allows authorised users to analyse, subset and download microdata from PUMFs. Frequencies, cross tabulations, comparison of means and multiple regression are some of the features available as well as recoding of variables and downloading of subsets.

Toronto Region Statistics Canada Research Data Centre. This is another level of access which allows authorized users to analyse the "master file" for selected Statistics Canada surveys

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