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Ted Rogers MBA Program at the Ted Rogers School of Management
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Kaplan Test Prep offers classes for students to prepare for a wide variety of standardized tests including the GMAT. Each GMAT prep class includes 13 sessions with Kaplan GMAT’s top faculty featuring Flex Sessions, revised GMAT materials prepared for each exam, and free make-up sessions— both in-person and through their video-based Lessons-on-Demand. It offers Integrated Reasoning preparation with a dedicated teaching session, access to Lessons-on-Demand, and full-length scored Integrated Reasoning sections in all 9 CATs. You will receive over 160 hours of instruction and practice, including over 5,000 practice items and 9 full-length computer adaptive tests (CATs) in the format of the GMAT. 

For more information or to register, please visit the Kaplan Test Prep site.


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The Ted Rogers MBA program has partnered with Quantum Test Prep to provide a comprehensive suite of ongoing GMAT services to help students improve their GMAT scores. This premium collection of in-house GMAT test preparation services, called GMAT Test Prep Toronto, is offered by the Ted Rogers MBA. These services include free GMAT Information Sessions, free GMAT Refresher workshops, free GMAT Simulated Exams, as well as a number of high quality GMAT course options. All GMAT courses and events are held at the Ted Rogers School of Management (Bay & Dundas). Whether you are interested in attending the Ted Rogers MBA program or are considering another MBA program as well, our collection of top-tier GMAT services can help you succeed. To find out more, visit the Quantum website

125 yearly enrollment, 5 years average work experience, 29 average age, 60% male 40% female gender split