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Steven Murphy (Dean)

Chris MacDonald (Interim Director, MBA Programs)

Dale Carl (Director, Graduate Students)

Kim Bates

Ron Babin

Deb Fels

Al Goss

Kenneth Grant

Murtaza Haider

Maurice Mazerolle

Kelly MacKay

Joanne McNeish

Howard Lin

Richard Michon

Catherine Middleton

Ojelanki Ngwenyama

Tony Hernandez

Gerald Hunt

Asher Alkoby

Ralph Lean

Rachel Dodds

Cynthia Holmes

Scott Anderson

Margaret Yap

Anatoliy Gruzd

Farid Shiraz

Fei Song

Jim Tam

Ozgur Tureken

James (Jim) Tiessen

Dave Valliere

Kernaghan Webb

Philip Walsh

Hong Yu

Ayse Yüce

Research Report 2016

The research projects undertaken by Ted Rogers School of Management faculty in 2016 demonstrate TRSM’s leadership in socially responsible business research with real-world applicability and impact.

Our researchers tackle timely issues that challenge us to think, act, and connect in creative and unconventional ways, informing triple-bottom-line decision making for social housing, diversity in hiring practices, socially responsible outsourcing, immigrant business success, sustainable approaches to remodeling capitalism, and ethical leadership and entrepreneurship in the 21st century. 

Read our PDF fileResearch Report 2016