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Ted Rogers MBA Program at the Ted Rogers School of Management
A group of Ryerson MBA students at the MBA Games holding a trophy

The Integrative Semester is completed in a student’s last term, for both part-time and full-time students. During this term, students use the foundations they have built in previous terms to demonstrate what they have learned through practical application. Depending on their career goals, students write a Major Research Paper (MRP) and apply their knowledge in a work placement (internship or current place of employment), international exchange, language training (i.e. study abroad).

The MRPs usually focus on the application of theory to practice and the analysis of a particular market, organizational or management issue. Students may also opt to pursue a business plan. A proposal for the MRP must be approved in advance.  An oral defense in the form of a poster session is part of the final requirement.

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Students work with our faculty and/or the MBA Careers team to find a suitable internship, or they may opt to find their own. The four-month internship experience enables students to demonstrate the technical and interpersonal skills they have acquired in the MBA program and explore their own specialized interests. We have a 100% internship placement rate, and over half of our internships result in full-time job offers which students can transition to easily from this final semester.

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Students choosing this option must have advanced approval. Two approved graduate courses are taken in an approved university. Students may undertake research under the direction a faculty member on an approved topic and are required to produce a reflective paper that incorporates theory and practice (eg. cross-cultural comparisons, case studies, organizational analyses).

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Language training must be approved in advance and may focus on either improving existing fluency or developing fluency in a second language. Students take a minimum of a two credit course and produce a project paper based on a literature review and data collection in the second language. Language Exchange allows students to take courses at one of our partner universities. Please contact for more information.

Over 90% internship placement, 60% internships turn into full-time jobs, 90% employed 6 months after graduation