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Ted Rogers MBA Program at the Ted Rogers School of Management

Technology and innovation are transforming the way we live and work, remaking industry boundaries with new ways of delivering products and services. In this rapidly changing world, employers need professionals who
understand the pace of change and the impact of innovation in virtually
all sectors. The Ted Rogers MBA in the Management of Technology and
Innovation (MBA-MTI) program provides graduates with skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. You will immediately apply your knowledge to find practical solutions to the complex problems created by technology and innovation.

This is not a technical program. Students of the MBA-MTI program
graduate with the skills needed to manage within companies that are
focused on tech and innovation. Many of our students with non-tech
backgrounds join the MBA-MTI program as a means to pursue careers in
project management, consulting, research and analysis.You won't learn to code in this program, but you will learn how technology is changing organizations, why it's important, and how to communicate that to colleagues.

"I was a liberal arts major and working in a non-tech or innovation related field before I applied for my MBA. I knew I wanted to work in IT, but on the management side - to help fill the gap between those who plan IT related projects, and those who implement them. That's exactly what I'm doing now at as a Consultant at tulkita Technologies Inc."

- Gabriela Urbanik, Class of 2012


Typical Full Time MBA - MTI Program of Study PlanLearn more

Foundation courses, if required (up to 5 credits)
Term 1 (Fall) - 5 core courses (5 credits)
Term 2 (Winter) - 2 core courses and 3 elective courses (5 credits)
Term 3 (Spring/Summer) -Integrative Semester (3 credits)
Total credits required to graduate (13 credits)

Typical Part-time MBA - MTI Program of Study Plan Learn more

Foundation courses, if required (up to 5 credits)
Term 1 (Fall) - 2 core courses (2 credits)
Term 2 (Winter) - 2 core courses (2 credits)
Term 3 (Spring/Summer) - 2 core courses (2 credits)
Term 4 (Fall) - 1 core course & 1 elective course (2 credits)
Term 5 (Winter) -2 elective course (2 credits)
Term 6 (Spring/Summer) - Integrative Semester (3 credits)
Total credits required to graduate (13 credits)

MBA in MTI Core CoursesLearn more

Technology and Organizational Strategy
Managing in a Diverse World
Regulation Government and Social Responsibility Management
Accounting and Finance for Today's Managers
Innovation and Org Theory
Global Markets and Tech Trends
Research and Communication for Managers or Research and Communication for Business Startups

Specializations Learn more

Students have the option to specialize in any of the following areas, or they can choose to do a general specialization by selecting electives from different specializations. Students may also choose to do specializations from the MBA Global program.

Information Systems Management

Information Technology (IT) has become the main driver of change and innovation in the business world. For many organizations, IT often helps to create business strategy.

The Information Systems Management specialization will equip you to use IT to change the organization and to shape the strategy of the business. Graduates of this program will gain a unique combination of business skills and leading IT management capabilities. These powerful skills and capabilities will position you to lead significant strategic change within your organization.

You will learn how to effectively govern IT in the modern complex organization. You will explore how to manage IT on a global basis, through offshore outsourcing and shared services. Your studies will include technology integration, knowledge management, technology trend forecasting, advanced project management and risk management. Graduates of this program are equipped to lead significant IT organizations, or to manage and direct IT from a business perspective.

Media Management

The media industries are in an exciting period of transition to digital technologies, which create many challenges and opportunities for media firms. Globalization, audience fragmentation, new markets, new business models, new ways of interacting with customers, and new business processes are pervasive features of media industries today. The Ryerson MBA specialization in Media Management provides professionals with business or technology backgrounds with a thorough theoretical grounding and up-to-date skills in the management, innovation, and policy aspects of the media business.

The program is unique in Canada. It is led by faculty with a combination of senior corporate, government and consulting experience with excellent academic credentials and a passion for teaching. If your interest lies in the film, television, radio, print or new media sector, consider a Ryerson MBA with a Media Management specialization.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management focuses on the efficient and cost effective product flows for companies, in a variety of sectors. The industry requires people with bright and creative ideas that can improve the way a company manages its raw materials, manufactures a product or service, and delivers it to customers.

Effective management of supply chains requires a combination of both technology and organizational knowledge. Skills to manage information flows between organizations, as well as across marketing, sales, product design, finance and information technology functions are also necessary. In the Supply Chain Management specialization, you can focus on organizational change leadership using state-of-the-art enterprise systems, logistics management, and inventory management techniques. Ryerson's program is accredited by Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC) towards CPP certification.


24 scholarships & awards available up to $20,000 each, 12 month full-time program, 24 month part-time program