Midwifery Education Program

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How to Apply

It is each applicant’s responsibility to track the status of an application for admission via the Choose>Ryerson portal.

Ryerson does not rely on surface mail. We use the Choose>Ryerson portal as our primary method to communicate with applicants. The Choose>Ryerson portal indicates the status of an application in My Application Status and includes letters from Ryerson in My Documents.

Admissions interviews for the 2016 admissions cycle will be held on April 8th and 9th, 2016, at Ryerson University. Please note that Interviews are conducted in-person only. Unfortunately phone/other methods of interview cannot be accommodated.

Each applicant should bookmark choose.ryerson.ca and check their Choose>Ryerson portal often.

STEP 1: Apply via the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) by February 1st

Applicants who are currently registered as full-time day students at an Ontario secondary school must apply using the OUAC101 Application form found at www.ouac.on.ca/101/index.html

All other applicants must apply using the OUAC 105 Application found at www.ouac.on.ca/105/index.html

Applicants may apply to only ONE of the three MEP sites: Laurentian, McMaster OR Ryerson. Applications to more than one site may be disqualified.

STEP 2: Academic Transcripts
New document submission policy for Fall 2015. Please read more.

Applicants must arrange for the submission of officially certified academic transcripts from all secondary and post-secondary schools attended (regardless if the program of study was successfully completed). Secondary school transcripts must be submitted no matter the year last attended, location of the school or level of education subsequently completed. Applicants may submit officially certified secondary school transcripts with the required documents as noted below.

If you are a current student completing courses at an institution other than Ryerson, you will need to submit transcripts at least twice:

1) Your first submission (by February 1st) will be your interim transcripts and will indicate courses in progress.

2) Your second submission will be your final transcripts including your final promotion/graduation status.

Current Ontario secondary school applicants completing their final year do not need to request an official transcript. Grades will be sent automatically to our Admission’s office via the OUAC.

Applicants who have attended post-secondary studies should make arrangements for their transcripts to be sent directly from the institution(s) where possible.

If documents are in a language other than English, notarized literal English translations must accompany the officially certified transcripts in the original language. 

Applicants who have completed courses at Ryerson are not required to submit a Ryerson transcript. Results will be viewed electronically through our system.

Submit proof of change of name (i.e. a marriage certificate, notarized statement, or other legal document) if your documents show a name other than the one submitted in your official application.

STEP 3: Complete the Cover Sheet
Click here to download and print the cover sheet which must be the first page of your submission package to Ryerson.

STEP 4: Complete the Ryerson Midwifery Supplementary Application Form
Click here to download and print the Midwifery Supplementary Application form. All applicants must fill out this form. This form must be mailed or delivered in person, it cannot be uploaded via the Document upload page.  Applicants to the Midwifery program are not required to submit the Ryerson Undergraduate Supplementary Form.

STEP 5: Personal Letter
The personal letter is an important part of the overall assessment. The scores will be based on your ability to address the items in a comprehensive and personal manner. Include examples of personal experience within your letter. Brief and very general answers will not be highly scored. Your personal letter will be read and independently scored by two people. The quality of your personal letter will help to determine whether you are invited for an interview.

Click here to download Midwifery Personal Letter Form

Applicants must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Please address the four items listed below.
  • Number your sections to correspond with the items below.
  • All letters must be typed using 12 point font in the provided Midwifery Personal Letter form.
  • Hand written letters will not be accepted.
  • The letter must not exceed 5 pages of double-spaced print. Additional pages will not be accepted.
  • Four copies must be submitted and each stapled (no binding, folders, etc.)
  • Make sure your Ryerson ID number or OUAC number appears on all pages and all copies.

Applicants must address the four items below:
1. Describe the attributes and personal qualities you believe make you suited to the Ryerson Midwifery Education Program and the midwifery profession. How did you recognize or develop these attributes in yourself?

2.. What value or importance do you personally ascribe to midwifery and what value or importance do you think midwifery has for the clients and families served, as well as their communities?

3. Describe the demands, as you understand them, of being a midwifery student. How will you cope with those demands?

4. Describe the contribution you hope to make to the midwifery profession.

STEP 6: Submission of Documents
Submit the completed cover sheet together with the Midwifery Supplementary Application Form, personal letter (four copies) and your officially certified academic transcripts from all secondary and post-secondary schools attended to:

Ryerson University
Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 2K3

DEADLINE: The deadline to complete and submit the required documents is February 1st. All required documents (including academic transcripts) must be received by Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment before an applicant's file can be deemed complete and ready for review. There is no guarantee that documents submitted beyond the deadline date will be reviewed.

Ryerson will not send reminders requesting required documents. All documents submitted to Ryerson become the property of Ryerson and will not be returned. If you subsequently reapply after pursuing further study, you must submit any new academic information that was not submitted in your previous application. The completed cover sheet together with the Midwifery Supplementary Application Form and personal letter must be submitted each year of application.

STEP 7: Personal Interview
Selected applicants will be invited for personal interviews that are normally held mid-April. 

Interviewers evaluate applicants in areas such as motivation to become a midwife, awareness of midwifery in Ontario and career goals. Candidates may also be asked to participate in a writing skills test. Following the interviews, offers of admission will be made and a waiting list will be established.  Please note that Interviews are conducted in-person only. Unfortunately phone/other methods of interview cannot be accommodated.

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