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MEP: Recommended Program of Study

4 Year Stream: Full-Time Program  

  Note: Shaded boxes indicate clinical placements. Full-time participation is required.
WS = Women's Studies; SS = Social Sciences; PR = Professionally-related
  Year 1 Year 2  Year 3   Year 4  


Midwifery: With Woman MWF150

Anatomy & Physiology BLG10A

Working Across Difference in Midwifery MWF11A

Critical Appraisal of Research Literature MWF109

Elective – PR

Elective – WS

Midwifery: Clinical Skills MWF250

Reproductive Physiology MWF201

Pharmacotherapy MWF114

Elective – SS

Elective – SS


Advanced Clinical Skills I MWF344

Interprofessional Maternity Care MWF305


Placements I MWF220

Maternal & Newborn Pathology MWF420


Anatomy & Physiology BLG10B

Working Across Difference in Midwifery MWF11B

Life Sciences MWF113

Aboriginal Childbearing MWF108

Elective – WS

(Birth and Its Meanings MWF325 meets either a WS or SS elective requirement)

Normal Childbearing MWF120

Midwifery Issues MWF315


Placements II MWF350


Midwifery Care Clerkship MWF410

Spring / Summer






Advanced Clinical Skills II MWF345

Complications & Consultation MWF320