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Midwifery Post-Baccalaureate Program for Health Professionals

Year 1 2


Semester 1

MWF 150
Midwifery: With Woman

MWF 250
Midwifery: Clinical Skills

MWF 201
Reproductive Physiology

The following three courses as needed:

MWF 113
Life Sciences (MU/LU)*

MWF 114

MWF 155
Working Across Difference in Midwifery II**

Semester 4

MWF 344
Advanced Clinical Skills I

MWF 305
Interprofessional Maternity Care

MWF 042A
Maternal & Newborn Pathology A ***
(tutorials only)

MWF 220
Interprofessional Placement 1


Semester 2

MWF 120
Midwifery: Normal Childbearing

MWF 345
Advanced Clinical Skills II

Semester 5

MWF 315
Midwifery Issues

MWF 042B
Maternal and Newborn Pathology B
(clinical placement only)

MWF 041A
Midwifery Care Clerkship A ***
(tutorials only)

Spring / Summer

Semester 3

MWF 320
Complications & Consultation

Semester 6

MWF 041B
Midwifery Care Clerkship  B ***
(clinical placement only)

**for students who do not receive transfer credit

***MWF 420 and MWF 410 normally include both a tutorial component and a clinical placement within one term – in this course sequence they are split over two term – MWF 420 the student enrolls in the Fall term and is graded in the Winter Term, in MWF 410 the student enrolls in the Winter term and is graded in the Summer term