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Midwifery Post-Baccalaureate Program for Health Professionals

Year 1 2


Semester 1

MWF 150
Midwifery: With Woman

MWF 250
Midwifery: Clinical Skills

MWF 201
Reproductive Physiology

The following three courses as needed:

MWF 113
Life Sciences**

MWF 114

MWF 155
Working Across Difference in Midwifery II

Semester 4

MWF 344
Advanced Clinical Skills I

MWF 305
Interprofessional Maternity Care

MWF 042A
Maternal & Newborn Pathology A
(tutorials only)

MWF 220
Interprofessional Placement 1


Semester 2

MWF 120
Midwifery: Normal Childbearing

MWF 345
Advanced Clinical Skills II

Semester 5

MWF 315
Midwifery Issues

MWF 042B
Maternal and Newborn Pathology B
(clinical placement only)

MWF 041A
Midwifery Care Clerkship A 
(tutorials only)

Spring / Summer

Semester 3

MWF 320
Complications & Consultation

Semester 6

MWF 041B
Midwifery Care Clerkship  B 
(clinical placement only)

**for students who do not receive transfer credit