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Program Start *Early Round Consideration Who Should Apply? Final Deadline
Fall (September) 2017 Date has passed, applications are in review Full-time domestic applicants May 31, 2017
Fall (September) 2017

Date has passed, applications are in review

Full-time international applicants Closed

*Applicants wishing to be considered for funding are encouraged to apply by the applicable early round consideration date. Contact for more information.

Program Yearly Domestic Tuition Fees Yearly International Tuition Fees
MScM $10,654.61* $21,701.99*
Program Credits Domestic Tuition Fees International Tuition Fees
Foundation Term up to 5 courses/credits $1,841.14*/course $2,953.52*/course

*Plus ancillary fees for the program. These fees include Career Services, RSU, University Services, etc. Fees subject to change. Please check the Yeates School of Graduate Studies fees page for updates.

For a full listing of tuition and ancillary fees visit the Yeates School of Graduate Studies fees page. Fees are set in August of each year so we recommend that budget planning include a 5% contingency for domestic students and a 15% contingency for international students.


MScM students are charged fees by term. For each semester, a student is registered in the full-time program they would pay one-third of the yearly tuition plus ancillary fees.

Foundation Courses

Foundation courses may be required for students without a BComm or equivalent undergraduate degree. The number of Foundation courses required is based on an official assessment of the appropriate transcripts upon application. 

For additional  information about fees, visit deposit fees, continuous registration requirements, funding support and methods of payment.