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Study Plan & Courses

Foundation Courses

Foundation courses are designed to provide students without an educational background in business the opportunity to develop essential skills required for the core courses.

Applicants with an undergraduate business degree or those who have taken equivalent courses may be exempt from some or all of these five foundation courses:

  • MB8002 Quantitative Methods for Business
  • MB8004 Accounting
  • MB8005 Finance
  • MB8006 Economics
  • MB8007 Principles of Management
You need

Foundation courses, if required (up to 5 credits)

Term 1 (Fall) - 1 core course + 2 electives (3 credits)

Term 2 (Winter) - 1 core courses + 2 elective (3 credits) + Research Seminar

Term 3 to 4 (Spring - Fall) - Thesis (5 credits)

Total credits required to graduate (11 credits)

Core Courses

MT8103 Applied Research Methods I

Applied Research Methods I Students are introduced to quantitative and qualitative research techniques, with particular emphasis on their application to the field of management. Antirequisite MT8101, MT8102.

1 Credit

MT8104 Applied Research Methods II

This course is a continuation of MT8103. In this course, students will refine their research question, develop expertise in the specific methodology to be used for their thesis research, and will develop a research proposal.

1 Credit

MT8000 Seminar

The purpose of the research seminar course will be to expose students to research in the Ted Rogers School of Management in order to inform their understanding of management research questions and the paradigmatic approaches and methodologies employed to address them.

Master's Thesis - Milestone
Course Code  Course Title
MT8310 Special Topics Info System Management
MT8315 Direct Readings Info System Management
MT8414 Direct Readings Media Management
MT8416 Special Topics Media Management
MT8509 Special Topics in Supply Chain Management
MT8514 Direct Readings in Supply Chain Management
MB8207 Special Topics: International Business
MB8306 Special Topics in Human Resources
MB8407 Special Topics in Marketing
MB8507 Special Topics Retail and Commercial Development
MB8801 Special Topics Hospitality and Toursim Management