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Faculty of Community Services

External grant recipients

Faculty members at Ryerson’s School of Nutrition lead innovative research projects in their search for lasting solutions to nutrition and food challenges.

Browse the external competitive research grants awarded to our faculty in 2015. Many researchers collaborate with co-investigators from within and outside Ryerson.

External grant recipients (2015)

External grant recipient: Nick Bellissimo  

Project: Role of White Potatoes on Subjective Appetite, Food Intake, Glycemic Response, Mood, and Memory Performance in Normal Weight and Overweight/Obese Children

Funded by: Alliance for Potato Research and Education: Research Grant

Funding amount: $118,151 USD



External grant recipient: Enza Gucciardi

Project: Screening of Food Insecurity in the Diabetes Population by Diabetes Educators

Funded by: Ryerson University Health Research Fund

Funding amount: $7,000



External grant recipient: Cecilia Rocha

Project: Scaling Up Small-scale Food Processing: A strategy to Promote Food Security among Women Subsistence Farmers in Rural Vietnam

Funded by: International Development Research Centre: Canadian International Food Security Research Fund

Funding amount: $420,920



External grant recipient: Fiona Yeudall

Project: Food Fit Evaluation

Funded by: Community Food Centres Canada

Funding amount: $3,725