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Faculty of Community Services

Professional development ACTION Program

Ryerson’s School of Nutrition supports you to make the most of your university experience through the Professional Development ACTION Program (PDAP).

By getting involved in academic and professional co-curricular activities, you can gain new skills, network and broaden your career horizons.

ACTION represents:

  • Academic strategies

  • Career development

  • Tri-Mentoring counsel

  • Involvement record

  • Outside activities acknowledged

  • Networking opportunities

Wondering how to get involved? Follow the steps outlined below.

1) Plan your courses and meet your academic advisor

Keeping your academic strategy on track means following the right steps when selecting your courses:

  1. Complete the course planning tool (see Planning your courses), preferably within your first year.
  2. Email course planning tool to your academic advisor.
  3. Book an appointment with your academic advisor to review your academic plan.
2) Join ConnectRU and LinkedIn

ConnectRU keeps you up-to-date on the events happening on campus, while our professional network on LinkedIn connects you with nutrition colleagues and alumni to explore possible career paths.

3) Attend events

To successfully complete the program, you must attend eight events over the course of your studies, including a minimum of four events per category below.

You can register for most of these events via ConnectRU.


  • Academic Orientation
  • Case Competition
  • CHY Academic Tutoring
  • Course Planning
  • Nutrition Grad School Essentials
  • Nutrition Leaders Connect
  • Ryerson Open House
  • Student Community Project
  • Student Group Events
  • Trimentoring membership
  • Trimentoring events
  • University Fair Ambassador

Professional/career planning:

  • Dietetic Internship Resume
  • Dietetic Internship Application
  • Interview Techniques
  • Student Group Events
  • Resume & Cover Letters
  • RU Interprofessional
  • Your Path to Dietetics

4) Complete one reflection

Your written reflection (150 to 200 words) should consider your overall PDAP experience, or give thought to your time spent at specific workshops and events.

Upload your reflection via Connect RU. To add a reflection via ConnectRU:

  1. Select your name at the top right corner.

  2. Select involvement.

  3. Select events.

  4. Select the event to reflect on.

  5. Select reflection.
5) Create cover letter and resume

A strong cover letter and resume can help make a good first impression and open the door to rewarding career opportunities.

For this component, you will need to create a cover letter and resume and have them reviewed by an employment counselor with the Career Centre or the PDAP advisor at the School of Nutrition.

6) Request your participant award

Once you’ve successfully completed all of the steps outlined above, you can request your participant award.

Complete the PDAP Submission Form by December 1 of your final year.

Don’t forget to highlight your participant award on your resume.