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Frequently Asked Questions: What Do You Need to Know?
  1. What are the postal code prefixes closest to the University?
    The codes closest to Ryerson are: M5B, M5C, M4Y, M5E, M6J, M5T, M4V, M5L, M5H and M5X.

  2. What is a lease? How am I bound to it?
    A lease is an agreement between you and your landlord that sets out what conditions there are around you living in the rented space, how much rent you are paying and how often, and many other conditions. If you have more questions about leases you can pick up the "sample lease" form available in our office.

  3. What do I need to secure an apartment?
    You will need to provide proof of employment and possibly the following: personal references, the payment amount specified (most usually in the form of a certified cheque or money order), credit references, contacts of previous landlords and contacts of present or past employment. If your new landlord does not feel that you make enough money to pay rent, you will be asked to provide a guarantor. This is someone who will sign the lease for you and be responsible for any payments you fail to make, such as a parent or guardian.

  4. What kind of payment is my landlord allowed to take from me?
    Your landlord is only allowed to take first and last months rent. They are not allowed to take a security deposit on top of this amount.

  5. Can I take my pets with me?
    If you are renting someone's house, they can legally refuse you pets. If you are renting in an apartment building, some leases will come with a NO PETS clause. However, this is not legally binding (so you can have pets) unless your pets become a problem to the building (such as loud barking, attacking other tenants or unpleasant smells)

  6. How do I find a roommate to live with?
    If you are interested in finding a roommate that goes to Ryerson, you can submit a profile or come down to our office and browse profiles of others looking for roommates.

  7. What do the different types of accommodation listed mean?
    Sublet - A rental unit up for rent for a short period of time where you take over a lease for someone else.
    Shared accommodation - A room for rent in someone else's rented space. You will probably be sharing a kitchen and bathroom with one or more people.
    Bachelor - Your own private apartment, with one room for living and sleeping, a kitchen, and bathroom.
    1 Bedroom - Your own private apartment, this time with a room for living, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom.
    2 Bedroom - An apartment with 2 rooms for sleeping, a living room, kitchen and bathroom.
    3+ Bedroom - An apartment with 3 or more rooms for sleeping, a living room, a kitchen and bathroom. Most of these ads will specify how many bedrooms there are, if not make sure to call the landlord and check. House-an entire house up for rent.

  8. What kinds of residence style accommodations are available?
    Independent residences are run similarly to university or college dormitories. This is an option you might want to consider if apartment-style accommodation does not appeal to you. These residences are operated independently of Ryerson University and cannot be endorsed by Ryerson. They are located close to the campus. Rates are approximate and cannot be guaranteed. Rentals of 30 days or more are GST exempt.

    ** Please note traditional dormitory-style residences offer either single or double rooms with shared bathrooms and other common rooms.

    111 Carlton Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2G3
    (416)977-8000 or 1-800-565-8865
    Co-ed floors, $675 per month based on double occupancy, apartment style, all the benefits of a hotel.

    395 Huron St. Toronto, ON M5S 2G5
    (416)979-2161 | Fax (416)979-5561 | E-mail inquiries@campus-coop.org www.campus-coop.org
    Co-ed, $4000-5000 (meals included) Single room, some Double rooms available 32 - 3-storey houses shared by students; most houses have compulsory meal plans.

    96 Gerrard St. East Toronto, ON M5B 1G7
    (416)977-2320 | Fax (416)977-2809
    Co-ed, Single room: $410-487 monthly, Double room: $310/person monthly Shared apartment style; payment per term.

    620 Spadina Ave. Toronto, ON M5S 2H4
    (416)923-3318 | Fax (416)923-8266 | E-mail svi@stvladimir.on.ca www.stvladimir.on.ca
    Co-ed, $7358 (meals included) Single room. Traditional dormitory style; meal plan incl. 3 meals/day Mon.-Fri.; Brunch & dinner on Sat. & Sun.

    90 Gerrard St. West Toronto, ON M5G 1J6
    (416)351-1010 | Fax (416)351-8583
    Women & Men, Single room: $65 daily, $350 weekly, $825 monthly Double room: $110 daily, $600 weekly, $1200 monthly Traditional dormitory-style; cooking facilities; last month's rent required as a deposit.

    233 Church St. at Dundas St.
    (416)703-3939 ext. 132 | E-mail reservation@torontohostel.com
    8 rooms each with a capacity for 2 persons with shared common bathrooms for $500 per person. 5 rooms with private showers and a shared kitchen. 2 large fully furnished apartments @ 1800 per month. All rooms include utilities, T.V. cable, internet, 24 hour security & front desk staff.

    80 Woodlawn Ave. East Toronto, ON M4T 1C1
    (416)923-8454 | Fax (416)923-1950 | E-mail woodlawn@ywcator.org Female Only, Single room: monthly $463 Includes continental breakfast; coin laundry; vending machines available

    2011 Dundas St. West, Toronto, ON M6R 1W7
    (416) 536-8824
    Men and Women: $25CAN nightly rate Dormitory style rooms with single beds, coin lockers, free morning coffee and free parking.
phone: (416) 979-5284      fax: (416) 979-5212      email: offcamp@ryerson.ca