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Office of the Ombudsperson - Confidential, Impartial and Independent


Celebrating 20 years of service (1997-2017)!

Fairness and respect are everyone’s concern.

Contact us if you believe you have been treated unfairly and/or you are not sure what your options are or you would like to discuss how a Ryerson policy or procedure applies to your situation. 

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For twenty years, the Ombuds Office has worked with students, faculty and staff to seek expeditious and fair resolutions to issues, concerns and conflicts at Ryerson that they have not been able to resolve themselves.The Ombudsperson is Nora Farrell, and the Assistant Ombudspersons are Ayesha Adam and Gemma Kerr.

The essential characteristics of the Office are:


All information provided to us is kept confidential, unless we have explicit permission for names and/or details to be released and we consider it to be appropriate to do so.


The Office and staff operate independently of the University, including all administrative and academic structures and student government.


We consider all of the information we receive and collect with the highest degree of objectivity. Our ultimate aspiration is to ensure that everyone involved believes their perspectives have been understood and considered and that they have been treated fairly.

All matters raised with the Office of the Ombudsperson are dealt with as expeditiously as possible.

Remember to check the RU SIGNIFICANT DATES for Appeal, Transfer credit and other deadlines!

15th September 2017 - 4pm Final Date to Appeal Spring/ Summer Grade and Standings for Graduate students

15th September 2017 -4pm Final date to Appeal Spring/ Summer Grades and Standings for Undergraduate and Chang School students




Academic Probation, RTW, PPW: What are my options?

September 6th 4-6pm  - Riel Room 

September 8th 12-2pm - Riel Room



How to Write a Grade/ Standing Appeal


Venue Riel Room

September 7th 2017 4-6pm 

September 11th 2017 12-2pm

2013/2014 Ombuds report cover

The Ombudsperson's 2015/2016  Annual Report to the Ryerson community is now available!



Please provide your FEEDBACK about the Ombuds Office via our Confidential Survey.