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Reporting a Lost / Stolen Card

Bullet 1

Notify OneCard Office for Deactivation

Clearly identify your name and student number

Business Hours 
Phone: 416-979-5000 x.7565
Visit OneCard Office: Room JOR02

After Hours: 
Phone: 416-979-5000 x.7565 Leave message
Rmobile: OneCard App - Report Lost/Stolen


Bullet 2

Notify Library

Circulation Desk 416-979-5055


Bullet 3

Get a New Card / Reactivate a Found Card

If you find your card, bring it back to the OneCard office for reactivation. If not, a replacement card can be obtained at the OneCard Office.


Replacement Costs

  • Ryerson Staff and Students $35.00
  • George Brown at Ryerson $35.00
    (GBC Authorization Form required)
  • CE Students $20.00
  • CE iClass Upgrade $15.00
  • iClass Community Member Card $35.00
  • non-iClass Community Member Card $20.00
  • Nursing Badge $20.00
    (Department Authorization required)
  • Photo/Name Change $10.00
  • Non-ID Cash Cards $1.00


Be sure to search thoroughly for your lost card before determining it needs to be replaced. Please note there are NO REFUNDS FOR REPLACEMENT CARDS.


Replacement Forms

IMPORTANT - Security
If it is after hours and you need access to a secure building call Security at (416) 979-5040

It is important that you report a lost or stolen card immediately. Prior to notifying us, you are responsible for unauthorized transactions resulting from the theft or loss of your card.

Notification occurs once you have reported your lost/stolen card to the OneCard office.