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The Campbell Group & Plant Evolutionary Ecology Lab


M.Sc. and Ph.D. Students Wanted!

Evolutionary ecology of rare and invasive plants

My lab is broadly interested in the evolution of plants in response to diverse ecological pressures, often focusing issues in pollination biology, environmental clines such as climate change, conservation biology and the dynamics of gene flow (especially involving transgenic plants).  Major questions include how plant matin systems response to environmental change, how invasive plant species acquire their invasive traits, and how to find rare or invading plant populations.  We use a combination of field, greenhouse, demographic, ecological, and phylogenetic approaches and often involves using genetic markers.  Students are expected to develop their own independent projects but will also have opportunities to collaborate on an NSERC-funded investigation of hybridization and climate change in wild radishes.

Ryerson’s Molecular Science ( and Environmental Applied Science and Management ( programs boast exceptionally active faculties and two very dynamic groups of graduate students. We also have access to great facilities, including new molecular labs and a nearby field station ( Fellowship-based and Teaching-based financial support is available for students.

For more info please contact:

Lesley Campbell

Please also check out the research pages for other Ryerson faculty, many of whom are also accepting students:

The Campbell Group would like to acknowledge the funding support from the NSERC Discovery and RTI programs, and Ryerson University

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