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Related Documents:  Administrative Policy Development and Distribution Procedure

  • Approval Dates:  February 2010
  • Approved by:  Vice President, Administration and Finance
  • Jurisdiction:  Vice President, Administration and Finance
  • Currently under review



All policies must be developed with the primary goal of contributing to the achievement of the mission,vision and business objectives of the University.  Policies have clear and consistent support from the senior leadership of the University.  Generally, policies should be communicated as broadly as possible within the University to ensure that employees are aware of and become familiar with the University’s mission, vision and business objectives.

“Policy” refers to authorized written documentation specifying organizational goals and expectations that, in a given set of conditions, guide and determine decisions. These decisions are to facilitate the achievement of organizational standards, support organizational relations, provide for organizational planning and enhance consistency of the decision making process in the interpretation and application of policies. Procedures normally accompany policies and outline the steps to take in order to achieve the goals of a policy.

Note: This policy applies to all policies, save and except for those that deal exclusively with academic matters and fall under the jurisdiction of Senate.


The objectives of this policy are:

1.    to set out clear organizational standards for the development, implementation and distribution of University policies in order to assist managers and employees in the achievement of the University’s objectives and priorities.

2.    to ensure consistency and an understanding of the University’s administrative, operational, financial and human resources goals, priorities and objectives.

3.    to assist those in management positions to consistently achieve fair and equitable decisions consistent with interpretation of policy.

4.    to ensure that Ryerson University policies, practices, and procedures reflect the principles of integration, independence, dignity and equal opportunity for persons with disabilities; that its policies, practices, and procedures address assistive devices, service animals, support persons and communicating with persons with disabilities in a manner that takes into account their disabilities; and that existing policies will be applied in a manner that is consistent and compliant with all legal requirements, including the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service. (see Statement of Commitment to Accessible Goods and Services for Persons with Disabilities policy).


The University is committed to developing and distributing University policies which facilitate the achievement of the University goals and priorities and which contribute to consistent and fair decision making relating to its operational, administrative, financial and human resource assets.

University policies shall be maintained in an official Ryerson University Policy-Procedure Manual and shall be up-dated systematically and on an ongoing basis.  University policies shall be communicated and distributed to University employees as defined in this policy.


Application and Scope

This policy applies to all University employees who have responsibility for drafting, reviewing, communicating and distributing University policies and attendant procedures.


This policy falls under the jurisdiction of the Vice President, Administration and Finance.