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Policy Template

This template will assist with drafting and formatting university administrative policies.  It contains descriptions of what information should be provided for each section of a policy.


  • Each section of the policy should list top level headings with a roman numeral followed by a Section Heading and sub-section headings.
  • List headings in the order shown under the example provided in the “Purpose” section.
  • All policy documents use the font “Arial” size 12.  Headings use “Arial” size 13.

Download Microsoft Word Policy Template

Policy Document Title

Include the following information in the Policy Document:

  • Related Documents:  Title of all related document(s) such as procedures, schedules, or forms, and links to the document(s).
  • Owner:  Owner’s role and/or department.
  • Approver:  Approver’s role such as Vice President Administration and Finance or Board of Governors.
  • Approval Dates:  Date of initial approval followed by date(s) of policy reviews where the Approver approved the changes.

I. Purpose

  • Describe policy's objective.


1. Paragraph Header*

a) Sub-section Header

i. Sub-sub section Header
A. Sub-sub-sub section Header

*Consider numbering each paragraph for ease of reference.

II. Scope and Application

  • Describe to whom or to what the policy applies.
  • Note any excluded groups or areas if relevant.

III. Definitions

  • Provide key terms, abbreviations, and acronyms associated with the policy.
  • Include specific terms that are important to understand the policy.

IV. Policy

  • Provide focused statements describing the intent, governing principles or desired results related to the stated purpose.
  • Use simple, straightforward language.
  • Include reference to applicable policy principles described in the Administrative Policy Framework.

V. Roles and Responsibilities

  • Identifies the roles and responsibilities of employees, students, or others, as related to the policy.
  • Does not include a repetition of who the Owner and Approver is, unless the role has additional and specific responsibilities as related to the policy. 

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