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Policy Research in Times of Austerity and Uncertainty


The PhD Program in Policy Studies at Ryerson University and the Yeates School of Graduates Studies are hosting a national conference on May 8-10, 2013 and extends a warm invitation to all faculty members and doctoral students engaged in policy research from across various disciplines in the social sciences to participate.

The conference theme is intentionally far-reaching in order to ensure contributions from a wide variety of participants from several disciplines and policy areas and places a strong emphasis on next generation policy research. Papers covering a wide range of policy research areas with an emphasis on the current global and domestic policy context; new research approaches, new theoretical and methodological approaches will be presented.

Funded in part, by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), the conference includes several distinguished international and Canadian scholars who will reflect on the implications of the global economic crisis for public policy in both the short and longer term; the implications for policy research in the future and the promises and challenges of interdisciplinary policy research. The speakers and panelists will be drawn from a wide variety of fields and disciplines including political science, sociology, economics, geography, history and management.

In addition to the regular conference program there will be a session featuring a series of papers on "How the Provinces Spend". Selected papers from this session may be published in a new peer-reviewed annual on policy research at the subnational level.



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