Faculty & STaff

Faculty in the Department of Politics and Public Administration take learning beyond the classroom. In addition to being experienced teachers, our faculty have research expertise in public administration, public policy, organization theory, intergovernmental relations, local government, research methods, equity and human rights, and several areas of policy and administration including: immigration, health, environment, trade, social and labour market policy.

Several faculty members have participated in media fora, worked with public sector organizations and contributed to public inquiries. Many have taught professional development courses at all three levels of government, in the para-public and non-profit sectors and are actively involved in professionally related associations and social justice organizations.

Affiliated GRADUATE PROGRAM Faculty
Distinguished Public Servant in Residence
Distinguished visiting professor
Ontario Public Service Fellow
Sessional and Part-Time instructors
Support Staff

The Department’s mailing address is:
         Department of Politics and Public Administration
         Ryerson University
         350 Victoria Street JOR700
         Toronto, ON, Canada  M5B 2K3

Department Fax: 416-979-5289

The Ryerson main telephone number is 416-979-5000, after which you may enter an extension number listed below.

Email addresses provided below and on the informational popups (accessible by clicking on the Name) are not hyperlinked and are shown in non-conventional format. When cutting and pasting into an email program, the “@” needs to be inserted to complete the email address.

Name Phone Office Email
Amin-Khan, Tariq 6169 JOR721 takhanpolitics.ryerson.ca
Anderson, Miriam 6260 JOR714 miriam.andersonryerson.ca
Arat-Koç, Sedef 7338 JOR725A saratkocpolitics.ryerson.ca
Baskoy, Tuna 2702 JOR727 tbaskoypolitics.ryerson.ca
Cassidy, Carla 3128 JOR814 ccassidypolitics.ryerson.ca
Dutil, Patrice 2704 JOR721A pdutilpolitics.ryerson.ca
Evans, Bryan 4199 JOR808A b1evanspolitics.ryerson.ca
Flisfeder, Matthew 2078 JOR711 mflisfedpolitics.ryerson.ca
Galabuzi, Grace-Edward 6189 JOR719 galabuzipolitics.ryerson.ca
Gore, Christopher
Undergraduate Program Director
2703 JOR810 chris.gorepolitics.ryerson.ca
Inwood, Gregory 6166 JOR708 ginwoodpolitics.ryerson.ca
Johns, Carolyn 6146 JOR706 cjohnspolitics.ryerson.ca
King, Hayden 6053 JOR724 hayden.king@politics.ryerson.ca
Lum, Janet
Assoc Dean, RGS
7045 JOR110 jlumarts.ryerson.ca
MacLellan, Duncan
Graduate Program Director (MA)
4182 JOR708A dmaclellanpolitics.ryerson.ca
Mooers, Colin 6168 JOR712 cmooerspolitics.ryerson.ca
O’Reilly, Patricia 6412 JOR710 poreillypolitics.ryerson.ca
Palmater, Pamela
Chair in Indigenous Governance
2047 JOR812 ppalmater politics.ryerson.ca
Peou, Sorpong
6602 JOR728 speoupolitics.ryerson.ca
Petrozzi, Wayne 6190 JOR716A petrozzipolitics.ryerson.ca
Raney, Tracey 2701 JOR713A traneypolitics.ryerson.ca
Ross, Arthur 6184 JOR716 alrosspolitics.ryerson.ca
Rubenson, Daniel 4052 JOR729 rubensonpolitics.ryerson.ca
Saloojee, Anver 2054 JOR808 saloojeepolitics.ryerson.ca
Sengupta, Mitu 4183 JOR806 senguptaryerson.ca
Shields, John 6167 JOR720 jshieldspolitics.ryerson.ca
Siemiatycki, Myer 6293 JOR731 msiemiatyckipolitics.ryerson.ca
Thomlinson, Neil 6188 JOR713 nthomlinsonpolitics.ryerson.ca
Thorn, Adam 3193 JOR717 adam.thornpolitics.ryerson.ca
Vogel, Ronald K. 6054 JOR813 ron.vogelpolitics.ryerson.ca
Wittenbrinck, Joerg 4858 JOR715 jwittenbrinckpolitics.ryerson.ca


Name Phone Office Email
Kaegi, Gerda 5057   gkaegipolitics.ryerson.ca
Coordinator: Certificate in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Management

Public policy and administration (MA) program


Name Phone Office Email
Gill, Alex 2080 JOR809 alex.gillarts.ryerson.ca
Pearson, Reg
Mediator ( Ontario )
Trick, David 3193 JOR717 dtrickpolitics.ryerson.ca
Name Phone Office Email
Agrawal, Sandeep Kumar
Urban and Regional Planning
6767 SBB416 sagrawalryerson.ca
Albanese, Patrizia
6526 JOR315 palbanessoc.ryerson.ca
Church, Kathryn
Disability Studies
4592 SHE523 k3churchryerson.ca
Clark, Scott
Criminal Justice and Criminolgy
2584 JOR823A scott.clarkcrim.ryerson.ca
Cukier, Wendy
Vice-President Research and Innovation
6740 YDI-1146 wcukierryerson.ca
Koç, Mustafa
6210 JOR311 mkocsoc.ryerson.ca
Landau, Tammy
Criminal Justice and Criminology
6198 JOR833 tlandaucrim.ryerson.ca
Meinhard, Agnes
Business Management
6739 TRS
Moore, Paul S.
2604 JOR306 psmooresoc.ryerson.ca
Orlova, Alexandra
Criminal Justice and Criminology
6413 JOR825 aorlovacrim.ryerson.ca
Panitch, Melanie
Disability Studies
6128 SHE572 mpanitchryerson.ca
Robinson, Pamela
Urban and Regional Planning
6762 SBB434 pamela.robinsonryerson.ca
Rollwagen, Heather
4197 JOR329 hrollwagensoc.ryerson.ca
Singh, Anne-Marie
Criminal Justice and Criminology
4184 JOR825A singhcrim.ryerson.ca
Springer, Joseph
Urban and Regional Planning
6766 SBB424 springerryerson.ca
Teelucksingh, Cheryl
6213 JOR314 teelucksoc.ryerson.ca
Tyyskä, Vappu
6208 JOR321 vtyyskasoc.ryerson.ca
Varma, Kim
Criminal Justice and Criminology
2680 JOR829 kvarmacrim.ryerson.ca
Yap, Margaret
Business Management
7533 TRS-3-074 myapryerson.ca


Name Phone Office Email
Andrew, Joan 2606 JOR707 joan.andrewpolitics.ryerson.ca

Distinguished visiting professor
Name Phone Office Email
Smith, David E. 3282 JOR811 desmithpolitics.ryerson.ca

Ontario Public Service Fellow

Name Phone Office Email
Ratchford, Donna (2014-15) 3129 JOR725 donna.ratchfordpolitics.ryerson.ca
Charendoff, Susan (2013-14)      
Phillips, Shirley (2012-13)      

The Department is involved with the following Chairs.
CAW Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy
The holder of this Chair is a cross-appointment between the Department of Politics and Public Administration in the Faculty of Arts, and the School of Social Work in the Faculty of Community Services.
Name Phone Office Email
Winnie Ng
CAW-Sam Gindin Chair in
Social Justice & Democracy
6436 EPH217 winnie.ng.ryerson.ca

Chair in Indigenous Governance
Reporting to the Vice President Research and Innovation, the primary academic appointment of the current Chair in Indigenous Governance is in the Department of Politics and Public Administration.

Name Phone Office Email
Pamela Palmater
Chair in Indigenous Governance
2047 JOR812 ppalmaterpolitics..ryerson.ca

Jack Layton Chair
This Chair resides in the Faculty of Arts.  The primary academic appointment of the current Jack Layton Chair is in the Department of Politics and Public Administration.

Name Phone Office Email
Myer Siemiatycki
Jack Layton Chair
6293 JOR731 msiemiatycki.politics.ryerson.ca

Name Phone Office Email
Arundel, Caryl [ DISTANCE ED ] carundelpolitics.ryerson.ca
Chic, Jacquie [ DISTANCE ED ] jchicpolitics.ryerson.ca
Constantinou, Peter   JOR701 pconstantinoupolitics.ryerson.ca
Deller, Fiona 6185  JOR701  fdellerryerson.ca
Drysdale, Robert Reid [ DISTANCE ED ] rdrysdalryerson.ca
Fanelli, Carlo       2079   JOR726   carlo.fanelliryerson.ca
Gill, Alex 2080 JOR809 alex.gillarts.ryerson.ca
Gnamo, Abbas 2080 JOR809 ahgnamopolitics.ryerson.ca
Johal, Sunil 7046 JOR701 sunil.johalpolitics.ryerson.ca
MacDonald, Joe     JOR701 joe.macdonaldpolitics.ryerson.ca
Marshall, Robert 2079 JOR726 rmarshallpolitics.ryerson.ca
Marsiaj, Juan 2079 JOR726 jmarsiajlpolitics.ryerson.ca
Milling, Robert 6185 JOR701 millingryerson.ca
Rae, Kyle 3194 JOR807 kyle.raepolitics.ryerson.ca
Richmond, Ted   JOR701 trichmondpolitics.ryerson.ca
Ruddy, Karen 7046 JOR701 karen.ruddypolitics.ryerson.ca
Schatz, Donna   6185 JOR701 dschatzpolitics.ryerson.ca
Trick, David 3193 JOR717 dtrickpolitics.ryerson.ca
Zboralski, Joseph
Continuing Education Coordinator
6675 JOR709 jzboralskipolitics.ryerson.ca

support STAFF
Name Phone Office Email
Ellis Buchanan, Erika
Department Administrator
2077 JOR700 erika.ellisbuchanan politics.ryerson.ca
Kraay, Mary Beth
Graduate Administrator
Public Policy and Administration MA
Policy Studies PhD
4955 JOR722 mbkraaypolitics.ryerson.ca
Ing, Viola
Program Administrator
Public Administration and Governance BA
5057 JOR735 vingpolitics.ryerson.ca
Vuong, Mindy
Program Administrator
Politics and Governance BA
7477 JOR733 infopolitics.ryerson.ca