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Provost and Vice President Academic

Academic Administrative Appointments

Search Committees



Interim Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs (June 2012)

Assistant Vice President / Vice Provost Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (June 2012)

Interim Provost and Vice President Academic (May 2012)

Faculty of Science Dean (May 2012)

Chief Librarian reappointment (March 2012)


Learning and Teaching Office Director (June 2011)

Yeates School of Graduate Studies Dean (June 2011)

Faculty of Arts Dean (May 2011)

Director of Law Research Centre (March 2011)

FCS Dean reappointment (March 2011)

Associate Director Digital Media Zone (February 2011)


FCAD Dean (June 2010)

Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs (May 2010)

Vice Provost, Academic (May 2010) 

TRSM Dean reappointment (April 2010)

FEAS Dean (March 2010)

Distinguished Visitors at Ryerson


Rob Silver (May 10, 2016) Distinguished Visiting Professor

Alan Cross (February 5, 2016) Broadcaster in Residence

Bonnie M. Patterson (February 2016) Distinguished Visiting Professor

Barry Avrich (January 2016) Distinguished Visiting Professor


Tony Bates (December 2015) Distinguished Visiting Professor

Stephen Pumple (December 2015) Distinguished Visiting Professor

Mario Silva (November 2015) Distinguished Visiting Professor

Deborah Newman (September 2015) Distinguished Visiting Scholar

Alok Mukherjee (August 2015) Distinguished Visiting Professor

Olivia Chow (February 2015) Distinguished Visiting Professor

Jeff Melanson (January 2015) Distinguished Visiting Professor

Tom Anselmi (January 2015) Distinguished Visiting Professor

Marci Ien (January 2015) Distinguished Visiting Professor


Steve Paikin (December 2014) Distinguished Visiting Professor

Shelagh O’Brien (October 2014) Distinguished Director in Residence

Helen Burstyn (October 2014) Distinguished Visiting Professor

Graham Bowley (September 2014) Distinguished Visiting Fellow

Bernie Lucht (September 2014) Distinguished Visiting Professor

James Turk (September 2014) Distinguished Visiting Professor

Tony Burman (September 2014) Distinguished Visiting Professor in Journalism

Kathy Vey (August 2014) Rogers Journalist in Residence

Nadir Mohamed (March 2014) Distinguished CEO in Residence

David Collenette (January 2014) Distinguished Visiting Fellow

Seamus O'Regan (January 2014) Distinguished Visiting Innovator

Doina Popescu (January 2014) Distinguished Visiting Fellow


Adel Sedra (November 2013) Distinguished Fellow

John Ralston Saul (October 2013) Distinguished Visiting Professor

Phil Fontaine (September 2013) Distinguished Visiting Scholar

Cathy Crowe (September 2013) Distinguished Visiting Practitioner

Hershell Ezrin (September 2013) Distinguished Visiting Professor

Omar Alghabra (September 2013) Distinguished Visiting Fellow

Shafi Bhuiyan (August 2013) Distinguished Visiting Professor

Henry Giroux (August 2013) Distinguished Visiting Scholar

David E. Smith (July 2013) Distinguished Visiting Scholar

Ric Young (June 2013) Distinguished Visiting Professor

Rafik Loutfy (May 2013) Innovator-in-Residence

Marzio Pozzuoli (February 2013) Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Drew Hayden Taylor (January 2013) Writer-in-Residence


Marni S. Dicker (September 2012) Distinguished Visiting Scholar

Wayne Clark (August 2012) Distinguished Designer in Residence

Grant Buchanan (September 2012) Distinguished Visiting Scholar in Residence

Frank Walwyn (July 2012) Distinguished Visiting Scholar

David Ticoll (July 2012) Distinguished Visiting Scholar

Anne Golden (September 2012) Distinguished Visiting Scholar and Special Advisor

Constance L. Sugiyama (April 2012), Distinguished Fellow

Linda Schuyler (September 2012) Distinguished Producer in Residence

Lance Weiler (September 2012) Distinguished Producer in Residence

David C. Dingwall (May 2012) Distinguished Visiting Professor


Ralph E. Lean (September 2011) Distinguished Visiting Professor

Michael Tulloch (September 2011) Research Fellow

Atom Egoyan (September 2011) Distinguished Scholar in Residence

Tony Burman (September 2011) Velma Rogers Graham Research Chair in News Media and Technology

Michael A. Levine (January 2011) Distinguished Scholar in Residence

Winnie Ng (January 2011) Professor of Distinction and Endowed CAW-Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice


Jeremy Kinsman (November 2010) Distinguished Visiting Diplomat 

Joan Andrew (June 2010) Distinguished Public Servant in Residence 

Buzz Hargrove (January 2009) Professor of Distinction

Stephen Lewis (August 2010) Professor of Distinction

Dr. Gerri Sinclair (May 2010) Senior Innovation Strategist

Peter Newman (May 2009) Distinguished Visiting Professor

Dr Morton Beiser (March 2009) Professor  of Distinction

Brian Segal (September 2009) Distinguished Visiting Professor and Chair, Ted Rogers Leadership Centre

Diane Francis (September 2007) Distinguished Visiting Professor