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Department of Psychology

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Recruited from leading institutions from across North America, Europe, and Asia, our faculty are distinguished, diverse, and dynamic. They are experts in a wide range of research areas such as addictions, attachment, aboriginal health, anxiety disorders, aging and memory, body image and health, brain mechanisms, cognitive behavioural therapy, children and the media, chronic illness, electrophysiology and neuroimaging, emotion regulation, eating disorders, forensic psychology, gender and identity, HIV prevention, infant & child development, indigenous psychology, music and auditory perception, psychosocial medicine, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychosocial rehabilitation, psychology and law, sleep and depression, stress genetics and intervention, and vision science. Committed to an integrated model of training that ensures cross-connections between sub-fields of Psychology, our faculty are leaders in the pursuit of knowledge and student advancement. At present we have 35 full-time faculty members, 2 full-time limited term faculty, 15 sessional and adjunct faculty, and 5 postdoctoral fellows.

Learn more about our full-time faculty, their research interests, their laboratories, and their recent findings by clicking on the name links to the left. All other teaching, research, or affiliated faculty are highlighted in one of the links below.



Faculty Information

Mailing Address:

Department of Psychology
Ryerson University
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 2K3, Canada

Fax: 416-979-5273


Campus Location

Offices: 380 Victoria St. [map]
Research Labs: 105 Bond St. [map]


Faculty Positions