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News & Announcements


Welcome to the full listings and archives of Psychology's News & Announcements! Click on any of the news links below for the full story or jump to:

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2016 News


Dr. Boudreau's new role leading social innovation at Ryerson!
(Ryerson Today, August 23, 2016)

MA student, Emily Thomas, research explores women "Faking It"
(Ryerson Today, August 9, 2016)

The Urban Psychologist, Vol 8, Issue 2 PDF (Winter 2016)

Video: Ashley Ward, PhD student, supports new service program to treat men with addictions

Video: PhD student & Vanier winner Andrew Brankley, research featured
(Ryerson Today,
January 20, 2016)

Martin Antony
Dr. Antony talks to CBC Metro Morning about urban living and stress

(CBC Metro Morning, January 8, 2016)


2015 News

Psych Prof of Distinction, Dr. Beiser leads pilot project to help refugees with PSTD
(, December 11, 2015)

Psych Grad Students Wins APA Dissertation Award
(December 2, 2015)

Psychology Graduate Student Wins Major Award
(November 20, 2015)

The Urban Psychologist, Vol 8, Issue 1PDF (Fall 2015)

Psychology Annual Report 2014-2015PDF (Fall 2015)

Open House: MA/PhD Psychology (Oct 15, 2015)

Parkinson's choir
Psych researchers, Dr. Frank Russo & Esztella Vezer: Parkinson’s choir tests limit of disease

(July 15, 2015) 

Reena Tandon and David Day
Drs. Tandon & Day: community-based photo project, success
(June 17, 2015)

Students at awards ceremony
PHOTOS! 2015 Dennis Mock Leadership Awards
(April 14, 2015)

Jaclyn Ludmer
Psych Grad Takes Top Prize at 3MT Thesis Competition
(April 10, 2015)

2015 thesis stream students
PHOTOS! Annual BA Psychology Thesis Poster Session

(April 10, 2015)

Urban Psychologist front page
The Urban Psychologist - Volume 7, Issue 2 PDF (Winter 2015)

Jean-Paul Boudreau
Ryerson Dean of Arts & Psy Prof, Dr. Jean-Paul Boudreau, elected CPA Fellow
(February 20, 2015)

Dr. Spaniol seeks answers to cognitive decline as we age
(February 12, 2015)

Cognitive Processing Therapy event poster
Dr. Monson 2-day workshop: CPT treatment for PTSD (May 7 & 8, 2015)PDF
(January 26, 2015)

Our first clinical psychology PhD graduates make a difference
(January 16, 2015)


2014 News


Dr. Dionne talks to Global News about push for normal-looking Barbie doll
(Global News, November 20, 2014)

Trevor Hart
Dr. Trevor Hart with Dr. Wong (nursing) receive Ryerson's first CIHR Team Grant
(November 7, 2014)

2013-2014 annual report
Psychology Annual Report 2013-2014 PDF(October 22, 2014)

Graduate students at convocation
PHOTOS! Fall 2014 Convocation Ceremony
(October 16, 2014)

The Urban Psychologist Fall 2014 edition
The Urban Psychologist - Volume 7, Issue 1 PDF (Fall 2014)

Julia Spaniol
Dr. Julia Spaniol named Canada Research Chair 
(October 17, 2014)

Drs. Koerner & Spaniol win Early Researcher Awards for cutting edge research
(August 13, 2014)

Robin Williams and John Turtle
Dr. John Turtles talks to CityNews about his experience with Robin Williams
(August 12, 2014)

Psychology graduate open house
MA/PhD Psychology Graduate Open House Flyer, October 16, 2014
(posted July 14, 2014)

Event poster: Integrating evidence-based strategies for insomnia, fatigue and nightmares into non-sleep speciality practices
Dr. Carney 2-day workshop: Strategies for insomnia, fatigue, nightmares (Oct 23 & 24, 2014)
(posted July 14, 2014)

Trevor Hart - Pulse
Dr. Trevor Hart: Empowering those at risk for HIV to make positive changes
(June 24, 2014)

Students at award ceremony
PHOTOS! Psychology Student Research & Awards Celebration (June 10, 2014)

Awards celebration invite
2014 Psychology Awards Celebration Program PDF(June 10, 2014)

PHOTOS! Thesis Poster Session 2014 (April 11, 2014)

Urban Psychologist Winter 2013
The Urban Psychologist: Volume 6: Issue 2 PDF (Winter 2014)

2012-2013 Annual Report
Psychology Annual Report 2012-2013 (March 2014)


2013 News

PhD student Sara Cowan tells us Why Ryerson? (November 5, 2013)

2013 Convocation
PHOTOS: 2013 Fall Convocation Ceremony (October 18, 2013)

Urban Psychologist Winter 2013
The Urban Psychologist: Volume 6: Issue 1 PDF (Fall 2013)

Martin Antony
Royal Society of Canada Elects Martin Antony as Fellow
(September 11, 2013)

John Turtle
Dr. John Turtle appointed Secretary of Senate
(August 21, 2013)

Janice Kuo Borderline Personality Disorder Workshop
Dr. Janice Kuo presenting 2-day workshop: DBT for Borderline Personality Disorder, Oct 10 & 11, 2013 (August 20, 2013)

Open House
Graduate Program Open House - Oct 17, 2013

CogMIR logo
Aug 7, 2013: 3rd Annual Seminar on Cognitive based music informatics research (CogMIR) at Ryerson

SMPC 2013 logo
Aug 8-11, 2013: SMPC biennial meeting, hosted by Ryerson

AIRS logo
Aug 11-13, 2013: 5th annual meeting to advance research in singing, Ryerson to host

Psychology Celebration 2013
PHOTOS: 2013 Psych Celebration (June 4, 2013)

Awards celebration invite
2013 Psychology Awards Celebration Program (June 4, 2013)

Thesis class 2013
PHOTOS: 2013 BA Thesis Poster Day (from April 12, 2013)

Ben Dyson
VIDEO: Watch why Dr. Ben Dyson was awarded the Dean's Teaching Award! (May 13, 2013)

Minister Blaney announces national launch of PTSD mobile app & funding for PTSD research: Dr. Monson, PI (May 6, 2013)

Martin Antony
Dr. Martin Antony, 2013 recipient of Distinguished Educator award in Clinical Psychology
(April 2013)

Colleen Carney
Dr. Colleen Carney: Presenting at Café Scientifique, "Sleepy not Lazy!"
Ryerson Today
(March 25, 2013)

Urban Psychologist Winter 2013
The Urban Psychologist: Volume 5: Issue 2 PDF (Winter 2013)

Harry Rosen Event
Psychology's Harry Rosen Research Commons Opens,
Ryerson Today
(March 20, 2013)

Ben Dyson
Dr. Ben Dyson recipient of pre-eminent Ryerson teaching award,
Ryerson Today (February 27, 2013)

Several Psychology faculty members announced as recipients of Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity (SRC) Awards!  Ryerson Today (February 2013)

Trevor Hart
Dr. Hart Research: Trading sex linked to child abuse in street youth
(February 1, 2013)

Jean-Paul Boudreau
Dr. Boudreau Research: Babies' busy brains keep them up at night,
Toronto Star (January 21, 2013)

Martin Antony OCD workshop poster
Dr. Martin Antony presenting 2-day workshop on treatment of OCD and Perfectionism on May 9 and 10, 2013 (January 23, 2013)


2012 News

Frank Russo
Dr. Russo Research: new technology to understand how music can improve brain control movement, CBC News (December 28, 2012)

Meera Paleja convocation award
New Ryerson award recognizes excellence in doctoral research; recipient, Meera Paleja, Ryerson Today (December 12, 2012)

Naomi Koerner
Anxiety expert, Dr. Noami Koerner, gives advice to CTV News on surviving the holidays! (December 8, 2012).

Bell Mental Health Grant
Psychology Training Clinic receives $40K grant from Bell, Ryerson Today (December 3, 2012)

Dr. Antony talks with about Santaphobia (November 29, 2012)

Colleen Carney
CBC Metro Morning interviews Dr. Colleen Carney, Sleep & Depression Lab, about switch back to standard time
(November 2, 2012)

Science Rendezvous 2012
Psych Major Emma talks SoundScapes at 2012 Science Rendez Vous, Video
(November 1, 2012)

2011-2012 Annual Report
2011-2012 Psychology Annual Report PDF (October 2012) 

Fall 2012 Convocation
PHOTOS! Fall 2012 Convocation Ceremony (October 18, 2012)

Meera Paleja
A psychology milestone: Meera Paleja, Ryerson's first psychology PhD graduate, Ryerson Today (October 10, 2012)

Urban Psychologist Fall 2012
The Urban Psychologist: Volume 5: Issue 1 PDF (Fall 2012)

Colleen Carney - Pulse
Dr. Carney Research: Putting insomnia and depression to rest, Pulse 
(Fall 2012)

Martin Antony - Pulse
Dr. Antony Research: Understanding & overcoming anxiety disorders, Pulse
(Fall 2012)

Trevor Hart - Pulse
Dr. Hart Research: Reducing risk & promoting sexual health,Pulse
(Fall 2012)

Pulse cover
Pulse article on the new Institute for Stress and Wellbeing Research
(Fall 2012)

SMPC 2013 logo
Society for Music Perception & Cognition (SMPC) Convention at Ryerson; chaired by Dr. Russo

Candice Monson
Dr. Monson research: therapy helps couples cope with PTSD
(August 22, 2012)

Faculty of Arts Orientation 2012
Academic Orientation for Incoming Arts Students takes place August 28, 2012!
(August 17, 2012)

Candice Monson
Dr. Monson research: New couple therapy holds promise for people with PTSD
(August 14, 2012)

Motivational Interviewing workshop
Motivational Interviewing Workshop with Dr. Linda Sobell PDF
(August 7, 2012)

PSA Psychology Day
Psychology Welcome Day 2012 event on August 22 hosted by the PSA!
(August 1, 2012)

St. Michael's Hospital
Family Health Team housing Ryerson's Psychology Training Clinic named one of four model programs in Canada.
(July 31, 2012)

Graduate brochure
Doctoral psychology program granted accreditation by CPA, Ryerson Today
(July 11, 2012)

Alexander Waddling Ride For a Dream
Psych Major Alex Waddling & friend complete bike ride across Canada!
(June 25, 2012)

Fall 2012 Convocation
Photos from the 2012 Spring Convocation Ceremony held on June 12
(posted June 22, 2012)

Psych celebration 2012
2012 Psychology Celebration Awards Program
(June 18, 2012)

Psych Celebration 2012
Photos from the 3rd Annual Psychology Celebration 2012
(June 18, 2012)

Jerome Morgan
Psych Grad Jerome Morgan "Mentor leads the way" in Ryerson Magazine
(Summer 2012 Issue)

Ryerson Teaching Awards
Psychology Faculty Receive Several Teaching Awards
(June 13, 2012)

LTO Best Poster Award
Dr. Hadad & BA student, Jenny Liu wiin Best Poster at LTO Conference
(May 22, 2012)

Trevor Hart
OHTN Profile: Dr. Trevor Hart & the HIV Prevention Lab [video]
(May 16, 2012)

Frank Russo
Dr. Frank Russo named Inaugural Massey College Fellow
(May 9, 2012)

The SMART Lab: Music & The Brain [video]
(May 2, 2012)

Dr. Antony wins CPA Award for Distinguished Contributions to Education & Training in Psychology
(April 24, 2012)

Frank Russo
Dr. Frank Russo wins CSBBCS Early Career Award
(April 24, 2012)

David Day
Dr. Day appointed Research Chair, Correctional Services / Youth Justice Research Committee
(April 23, 2012)

Jessica Sutherland
Jessica Sutherland wins Leadership Award!
(April 23, 2012)

2012 Thesis class
Photos! 2012 PSY BA Thesis Poster Session
(April 13, 2012)

Alexander Waddling
Psych Major Alex Waddling rides across Canada for a Dream!
The Eyeopener (April 3, 2012)

Seeking treatment strategies for hoarders by studying family's behaviour (March 16, 2012)

Arteries 2012
Two Psych Majors selected to present at 2012 Arteries Conference
(March 15, 2012)

Leslie Atkinson & Candice Monson
Drs. Atkinson & Monson have been elected as Fellows of CPA!

(March 5, 2012)

Martin Antony CBC
Listen in on this CBC Radio interview: Dr. Antony talks about problem hoarding. (February 24, 2012)

Ryerson researchers examine link between loved ones and their influence on people who hoard (February 23, 2012)

Dr. Koerner wins distinguished 2012 Faculty Teaching Award!
Ryerson Today (February 15, 2012)

Leslie Atkinson, Martin Antony, Frank Russo, Meg Moulson
Drs. Atkinson, Antony, Russo, Moulson each win prestigious Faculty SRC Awards! [click on image to enlargeRyerson Today (February 1, 2012)

Martin Antony & Naomi Koerner
Drs. Antony & Koerner win Ryerson Service Awards, Ryerson Today
(January 20, 2012)

Andrea Harris, Heather Hood, Colleen Carney
Sleep Experts: Battling insomnia
(January 20, 2012)

Dr. Martin Antony: shares expert opinion on Hitchcock film at TIFF on Feb 22
[click on poster to enlarge] (January 19, 2012)

Jerome Morgan
PSY Alumnus, Jerome Morgan, wins prestigious award
(January 16, 2012)

Ryerson Today 2012
Ryerson Magazine: Psychology faculty & grad student research featured prominently
(Winter 2012 Issue)

Janice Kuo
Dr. Janice Kuo research: advancing mental health
(January 6, 2012)


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2011 News Archives

Andrea Harris, Heather Hood, Colleen Carney
Ryerson sleep experts: popping pill not the best solution for insomnia
(November 30, 2011)

John Turtle
Dr. Turtle receives LTEF grant for classroom innovation, Ryerson Today

(November 18, 2011)

Convocation 2011
Photos! Fall Convocation 2011

Urban Psychologist Fall 2011
The Urban Psychologist, Volume 4: Issue 1 PDF (Fall 2011)

New chair, Dr. Antony: Champion of mental health
(October 3, 2011)

Frank Russo
Dr. Frank Russo Research: Emotional Breakthrough
(September 29, 2011)

PNAS Cover
Dr. Russo research in Psychology Today (September 27, 2011)


St. Michael's Hospital
Dr. Shaun Burns on psych partnership with St. Mike's Hospital
(September 28, 2011)

Colleen Carney
Dr. Colleen Carney insomnia research featured in Toronto Life
(September 15, 2011)

Frank Russo
Dr. Frank Russo, Early Research Award recipient
(September 9, 2011)

Psychology cover
CPT Workshop: Nov 28 & 29 with Dr. Candice Monson, "Evidence-Based Treatment for Traumatic Stress" PDF
(September 8, 2011)

Open House
Graduate Program Open House on October 20, 2011

Arts Orientation Day 2011
Faculty of Arts Academic Orientation Day PDF
(August 30, 2011)

Psychology Day 2011
Inaugural Psychology Day Event! PDF
(August 25, 2011)

Arts Enrollment Day 2011
Faculty of Arts Enrollment Workshop Flyer PDF
(August 16, 2011)

Martin Antony
Dr. Martin Antony Named New Chair of Psychology (August 1, 2011)

Martin Antony
Dr. Antony Research: Treating Anxiety (June 15, 2011)

Maureen Reed
Dr. Maureen Reed appointed Director of Learning & Teaching Office (Ryerson Today, June 15, 2011)

Awards celebration 2010
Photos! 2011 Psychology Student Research & Awards Celebration (May 24, 2011)

Awards celebration invite
2011 Psychology Student Research & Awards Celebration Program. See award recipients here. PDF (May 24, 2011)

Jean-Paul Boudreau
Psych Chair steps down to step up to Dean of Arts role (May 16, 2011)

Thesis stream
Photos! 2011 BA Thesis Poster Session (April 15, 2011)

April 15, 2011 Thesis Poster Session!

Urban Psychologist Winter 2011
The Urban Psychologist, Volume 3: Issue 2 PDF(Winter 2011)

Dennis Mock 2011
Leadeship Awards celebrate promising students (April 25, 2011)

SRC group photo
5 Psychology Professors celebrated at Faculty SRC Awards, Ryerson Today (February 18, 2011)

PhD student, Holly Bowen and Dr. Spaniol Research: video games & violence (February 17, 2011)

Michelle Dionne
Dr. Dionne honoured at RU Service Awards ceremony, Ryerson Today (February 4, 2011)

Colleen Carney
Dr. Carney Research: Sweet Slumber, Ryerson Magazine (Winter 2011)

Morton Beiser
Dr. Beiser Research: In pursuit of happiness (January 6, 2011)


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2010 News Archives

Trevor Hart
Dr. Hart research: Sex and street teens (December 2, 2010)

CBT Workshop
Dr. Carney, CBT & Insomnia Workshop on November 29, 2010 PDF (October 1, 2010)

Dr. Martin Antony talks perfectionism on TEDxRyersonU, Sat. Nov. 27 (November 24, 2010)

Urban Psychologist Fall 2010
UP has a new look! The Urban Psychologist, Volume 3: Issue 1 PDF (Fall 2010)

Frank Russo
Dr. Russo research: The sound of music for the deaf, Globe and Mail (November 9, 2010)

Lixia Yang
Dr. Yang research: Cognitive Training with a twist! (November 4, 2010)

Morton Beiser
Dr. Morton Beiser research: Immigrant kids in TO face more mental distress (October 19, 2010)

Frank Russo - Nuit Blanche
Nuit Blanche Vibrations: Oct 2-3, 2010 (September 28, 2010)

Maureen Reed
Dr. Maureen Reed appointed interim Director of Learning and Teaching Office (September 8, 2010)

Open House
Graduate Program Open House on October 21, 2010 (Fall 2010)

Lab tours
Psychological Science Lab Tours on October 21, 2010 (Fall 2010)

Live @ the Lab: Local band to jam at Ryerson lab in unique research collaboration (August 23, 2010) [click poster icon to enlarge image]

Janice Kuo & Lili Ma
New Psychology Faculty Arrive on Campus (August 1, 2010)

Awards celebration invite
Celebrating Psychology Students: see event program PDF (May 25th, 2010)

Awards celebration invite
Psychology Student Research and Awards Celebration: Invitation

Dr. Pickren publishes book, edits journal
(May 2010)

Winter 2010 Urban Psychologist
The Urban Psychologist, Volume 2; Issue 2
PDF (Winter 2010)

SONG 2010
Ryerson hosts SONG Annual Meeting, May 7th
(May 2010)

Candice Monson
Dr. Candice Monson Research: Trauma Treatment
(March 30, 2010)

Quiet Your Mind and Get To Sleep
Dr. Carney research feature: Slumber time
(March 18, 2010)

Colleen Carney
Dr. Carney's research makes a mark: Sleeping on the Job Required (Winter 2010)

Sohail Rashid
Prof. Rashid in finals of TVO Best Lecture contest.
(February 24, 2010)

Trevor Hart
Dr. Hart research feature: Social anxiety breeds risky behaviour
(February 4, 2010)

Colleen Carney
Feature: Dr. Carney book, "Quiet Your Mind and Get to Sleep" (January 28, 2010)

Dr. Pickren feature: "Bringing history to life," Monitor on Psychology (January 2010)

Julia Spaniol
Dr. Spaniol research feature: The Upside of Aging (January 7, 2010)

Alumni Magazine Winter 2010
Drs. Carney & Dyson win ERAs; Drs. Want & Vickers research feature, Alumni Magazine (Winter 2010)


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2009 News Archives

Toronto Life cover
Dr. Russo's Emoti-chair ranks #6 in "Top 25 ideas that are changing the world," Toronto Life
(December 2009)

Canada AM
Dr. Hart interview: "Many HIV+ women hoping for pregnancy" CTV Canada AM (December 7, 2009)

Trevor Hart
Feature: Dr. Hart study: Socially anxious gay men may engage in risky sex (December 1, 2009)

Leslie Atkinson
Feature: Dr. Atkinson study: The beneficial bond between baby and mom
(October 29, 2009)

The Urban Psychologist: Volume 2: Issue 1
PDF (Fall 2009)

Feature: Student-focused Psychology Research Symposium is a first (October 26, 2009)

Open House
Graduate Program Open House on October 29, 2009 PDF (October 7, 2009)

Colleen Carney & Ben Dyson
Feature: Dr. Carney & Dr. Dyson honoured as prestigious ERA winners!
(September 11, 2009)

Lixia Yang
Feature: Dr. Yang study: Aging seniors mentally fit
(August 19, 2009)

Morton Beiser
Internationally renowned scholar, Dr. Morton Beiser, joins Psych Dept at Ryerson (July 13, 2009)

Dennis Mock winners
Real students receive Mock award (June 29, 2009)

Stephen Want
Feature: Dr. Want study: Does this show make me look fat?
(June 25, 2009)

Frank Russo
Feature: Dr. Russo study: Sounds Emotional (June 19, 2009)

Urban Psychologist Spring 2009
The Urban Psychologist
: Volume 1: Issue 3 PDF (Spring/Summer 2009)

Maureen Reed
Feature: Dr. Reed study: Surprise finding in road safety
(June 5, 2009)

Event: Concert accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing
Media Page for SMART Lab & Emoti-chair: get the latest news here
(Spring 2009)

Tisha Ornstein
Solving the stroke puzzle: new CE Neuroscience Certificate, Forum
(March-April 2009)

Stand Canada
Feature: MA student, Anne Wagner: Taking a stand against genocide (March 11, 2009)

Tae Hart
Feature: Dr. Hart study: Partners share impact of cancer diagnosis
(February 6, 2009).

Urban Psychologist Winter 2009
The Urban Psychologist: Volume 1: Issue 2 PDF (Winter 2009)

Jean Paul Boudreau
Chair, Dr. Boudreau elected to CPA Board (P.12) PDF (Winter 2009)

Feature: PTRC a hot bed of cool discoveries
(January 21, 2009)


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2008 News Archives

Feature: Dr. Martin Antony: self-help program for social anxiety
(December 5, 2008)

Grad students and faculty
Launching the Brain, Perception & Cognition Research Group
(November 21, 2008)

Urban Psychologist
Read UP! Psych@Ryerson's first newsletter
PDF (October 23, 2008)

SMART Lab logo
Article: Emoti-Chair on display: Allows deaf to 'feel' music
(October 22, 2008)

Trevor Hart
Dr. Trevor Hart: Preventing HIV Transmission (Intersections: Research & Innovation, 2008 issue)

Mastering Fears book cover
Dr. Martin Antony: Conquering fears & phobias: book
(September 27, 2008)

TA Award 2011
CCDP TA Award 2008: Grad student Gillian Sandstrom honoured
(August 8, 2008)

Psychology hosts 40th Annual Cheiron Conference (August 7, 2008)

Dr. Trevor Hart presents research at AIDS Conference
(August 5, 2008)

Kelly McShane, Naomi Koerner, Colleen Carney, Ben Dyson
New faculty colleagues arrive on campus
(August 1, 2008)

Dr. Martin Antony elected CPA President (July 11, 2008)

Brenda Milner
A Conversation with a Pioneer in Neuroscience (June 12, 2008)

2008 Alumni magazine
Mind Space: PRTC Profile (pg.14) PDF (Summer 2008)

Trevor Hart
On a mission to prevent spread of HIV (June 13, 2008)


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2007 & Prior News Archives

Awards celebration 2007

Driven to Excel: Psychology Students Honoured (November 7, 2007)

Professor Glassman receives Chancellor's Award of Distinction (Fall, 2007)

Jean-Paul Boudreau
Jean-Paul Boudreau named Rysonian of the Year (January 30, 2007)

Lixia Yang
Older adults still ‘sharp as a tack’: study
(August 14, 2006)


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