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The Retiree Celebration is a new program at Ryerson—in keeping with the People First agenda and as part of Ryerson's multi-faceted recognition program—to be held once a year to honour retiring employees in recognition of their valued contribution to the university and provide an opportunity for retirees from all employee groups to be celebrated together.

Criteria for inclusion in the Retiree Celebration

  1. Retirees will be celebrated at an annual event;
  2. Employees on extended leave (e.g., LTD) will be reviewed on a case by case basis;
  3. Retirement is defined as leaving active service from employment, and collecting a pension;
  4. Employees who retire from their regular position and continue to work at the university in a casual capacity, will be recognized in the year they leave their regular position;
  5. Employees who continue to actively work in their regular position but under the provisions of the Ryerson Pension Plan elect to commence pension benefit payments (i.e. start collecting pension), will be recognized in the year they formally leave their regular position, for either full retirement or for a casual 'active retiree' role;

* It should be noted that the above criteria are used only to establish eligibility for inclusion in the retiree celebration event, and do not apply for establishing eligibility for benefits or pensions or any other purpose.

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Retiree Celebration
November 12, 2015


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For questions or more information regarding this event, please contact:

Emily Pomeroy
Recognition Project Lead
416-979-5000, ext. 6250