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Ryerson students can now fund their school fees by converting AeroplanĀ® Miles through 35,000 AeroplanĀ® Miles can be converted into $250 worth of credits at Ryerson.

Students can also convert the AeroplanĀ® Miles of family members and friends to help pay for school. Anyone can donate their points to an individual student, or directly to Ryerson for students in need.

For more information and to set up an account, please visit:

The cost of attending university varies by program and whether you live in residence.

  • Canadian citizens and permanent residents can expect fees for a full-time undergraduate program for the 2015/16 academic year to range from $6,942 to $10,660.
  • Fees for international students range from $22,168 to $25,435.
  • Fees are due and payable by the start of classes; various payment methods are available.
  • Residence info and fees are posted at Student Housing Services.


Fee ranges per faculty for full-time undergraduate programs for Canadian citizens and permanent residents for the 2015/16 academic year:

Fee Range
$6,942 - $7,166
Communication & Design
$7,003 - $7,605
Community Services
$7,055 - $7,622
Engineering and Architectural Science
$9,425 - $10,660
Ted Rogers School of Management
$8,495 - $9,070
$6,942 - $9,092
  • Visit Fees Details for a complete breakdown of all fees for undergraduate and graduate programs. 
  • Returning students use RAMSS to view Total Due Charges and Account Summary.


Common University Data Ontario also provides information regarding student expenses.


Collections Block?
If you have a Collections Block (COL, SF1 or SF2) on your account, contact Credit and Collections at 416-979-5071 or

A Collections Block (COL) service indicator Collections Clock (COL) service indicator icon may be placed on your account by the Credit and Collections unit of the Financial Services Department if your outstanding account balance has become past due. As a result, further enrolment activity and issuance of official University documentation may be denied until payment of your account has been received or other suitable arrangements have been made.


Late Fee Service Charges

  • Tuition fees are charged for the Fall and Winter terms in August each year based on your course intentions and/or enrolments.
  • Tuition fees for the Fall 2015 academic term are due September 11, 2015. Late fees of 1.25% (16.08% effective annual rate) will be charged monthly, starting in October, on unpaid Fall 2015 undergraduate tuition fees as of September 12, 2015.  
  • Tuition fees for the Winter 2016 academic term are due January 15, 2016. Late fees of 1.25% (16.08% effective annual rate) will be charged monthly, starting in February, on unpaid Winter 2016 undergraduate tuition fees as of January 17, 2016.
  • Late fees are charged on the third business day of the month.
  • If you are making your payment through your bank please make your payment 3-5 business days ahead of the deadline to ensure your payment is received and credited to your account.