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Faculty and staff

Faculty & Staff

Ryerson International is committed to facilitating international activity on the part of faculty, staff and students. Faculty and Staff at Ryerson University are engaged in a wide and growing range of international activity. This serves to enhance Ryerson’s reputation internationally and to open the door to further collaboration and cooperation.

RI staff work to support the international initiatives of faculty and staff through:

  • Coordination of internal funding programs
  • Identification of external funding opportunities
  • Support during the proposal development process
  • Advising on international education issues and trends
  • Serving as liaison with current and potential partner institutions and other organizations

Contact us early in your planning to take full advantage of our services.


E-Guide on International Initiatives

The E-Guide has been created to provide clear and detailed information on accomplishing your international goals.

Current Ryerson Partnerships

Ryerson enjoys partnerships with leading institutions and organizations around the world. Access the complete list here.


Hosting International Visiting Researchers

The following materials were created to help assist you in the process of hosting international visiting researchers.

International Mobility Program - Government of Canada New Regulations

Checklist - Hosting International Visiting Researcher (student or scholar)

"Request to Host a Visiting Researcher" Form