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Master’s students design and build new structure from scratch

Students standing in front of shed in quad

A group of master of architecture students designed and constructed a new headquarters for Ryerson Urban Farm in the quad to store their equipment year-round. The students were encouraged to design with reclaimed and salvaged materials. The structure is built from reclaimed glulam cedar and laminated strand lumber. The oak slat cladding was salvaged from the legs of discarded drafting tables from architecture building and the roof shingles are repurposed from donated denim jeans. From left, back row: Rémi Carreiro, Samuel Vandersluis, Sajith Sabanadesan and Ashleigh Crofts. From left, middle row: Antonē Frisina, Sandra Dorozynska, Hovag Kara-Yacoubian, Zohra Akbari and Giovanna Monaco. Front row: Ryan Sisourath. Photo: Luke Galati.
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