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2012 Faculty Teaching Award recipients announced

It gives me great pleasure to announce the 2012 recipients of Ryerson's Faculty Teaching Awards.

Teaching excellence is honoured at all levels at Ryerson, and the Faculty Teaching Awards program in particular allows us to celebrate exemplary faculty. Ryerson's academic plan for 2008-2013, Shaping Our Future, makes a commitment to a high-quality teaching and learning environment as one of the key elements of the university's success.

This year's recipients are shining examples of that commitment, educators with a passion for teaching and learning who engage and motivate their students to maximize their learning opportunities.

Recipients will be recognized at a luncheon on March 22, and it is an opportunity to celebrate our colleagues and our teachers for their contributions to teaching excellence. Then on April 4, award winners will receive their certificates at the first annual Ryerson Awards Night. This event will recognize excellence from across the university and provide an opportunity to celebrate together the highest achievements of faculty and staff. More information about the awards night is available here.

The awards and this year's recipients are:

The Chancellor's Award of Distinction recognizes a Ryerson educator who has demonstrated a life-long career commitment to teaching and learning excellence through an outstanding and sustained record of educational leadership.

The 2012 recipient of the award is Ravi Ravindran from the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Science. Ravi's passion for teaching is reflected by his enthusiasm and extraordinary ability to motivate and energize his students. His teaching philosophy is one of total engagement, virtually transporting students to the real world, synthesizing ideas, analysis, and critical thinking, enabling problem solving and development of processes and products. Based on his own real-world experience and sabbaticals at the MIT and IIT, he encourages his students to be unconventional in their thinking. For Ravi, the learning process and the student-professor interaction permeates the classroom, office, laboratories, tutorials, projects, coffee shops, and throughout the career of the student.

The President's Award for Teaching Excellence recognizes a Ryerson educator who has demonstrated continuing teaching excellence and who has made contributions to advancing teaching and learning at Ryerson.

The 2012 recipient of the award is Frankie Stewart from the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the Faculty Engineering, Architecture and Science. Frankie strives to provide her students with an engaging and stimulating learning environment. Students and colleagues recognize her enthusiasm and passion, and her willingness to "go the extra mile" to ensure that students fully understand concepts and topics. As coordinator of engineering outreach activities for the faculty, Frankie is a role model for young men and women who are considering engineering careers. She is a leader in the field of engineering education research and in 2010, was appointed a faculty teaching chair.

The Provost's Experiential Teaching Award recognizes a Ryerson educator who has advanced teaching and learning with a particular focus on experiential learning. The 2012 recipient is Jasna Schwind from the Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing in the Faculty of Community Services.

Jasna's commitment to experiential learning is best reflected by the "Narrative Reflective Process" she created for students as a self-expression tool that incorporates strategies such as storytelling, writing, reflection, role playing and drawing into their critical exploration of their personal and professional experiences. Aspects of this experiential learning tool are being implemented by colleagues in undergraduate and graduate nursing programs both at Ryerson and at other institutions.

The Provost's Innovative Teaching Award recognizes a Ryerson educator who has advanced teaching and learning through educational innovation. The 2012 recipient is Janice Waddell, associate dean from the Faculty of Community Services.

Janice's ability to engage students through innovative teaching methodologies is well known both within and outside of the Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing. She is a pioneer in innovative curriculum strategy development that promotes the competencies students require for career planning and development as professional practitioners. Her influence reaches well beyond Ryerson; since 2006 her work in career planning and development has been adopted as a national strategy for the Canadian Nursing Student Association. Janice has been recognized with national awards recognizing her accomplishments for developing creative approaches to nursing education that contribute to the development of professional nurses.

Deans' Teaching Awards

These awards recognize Ryerson educators who have demonstrated continuous teaching excellence and achievement in instruction, as determined by their respective faculties. The 2012 Deans' Teaching Award recipients are:

* Faculty of Arts: Carl Benn (Department of History); Naomi Koerner (Department of Psychology)

* Faculty of Communication & Design: Art Seto (School of Graphic Communications Management)

* Faculty of Community Services: Jennifer Lapum (The Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing); Pamela Robinson (School of Urban and Regional Planning)

* Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Science: Anwar Hossain (Department of Civil Engineering); Lynda McCarthy (Department of Chemistry and Biology)

* The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education: Greg Turko (Professional Communications and Gateway Programs)

* Ted Rogers School of Management: Howard Muchnick (Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management); David Schlanger (Department of Entrepreneurship and Strategy)

Our awards program is an important part of enhancing the learning and teaching experience at Ryerson and it is possible thanks to the dedication and participation of many people. The nomination and selection process, while time-consuming, is essential to a robust awards program so on behalf of everyone at Ryerson, I thank those who contributed to these processes.

Please join me in congratulating all award recipients and thanking them for their contribution to a culture of teaching excellence where students are provided with new, creative and innovative learning opportunities.

Alan Shepard
Provost and Vice President Academic



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