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Faculty of Science
RySciMatch/CKIH 200

RySciMatch/CKIH 200 is a non-credit, course open to Ryerson undergraduate students and offered through the Chang School who are interested in acquiring research experience.

The program recruits senior undergraduate volunteers, as well as alumni and faculty members, to mentor current undergrad students (mentees) on research opportunities in the Faculty of Science (FoS) and beyond. Through this mentorship process, mentees obtain further insight in their field of interest, develop their networking skills, learn to identify research opportunities within the FoS, further explore science’s diversity outside the classroom, help them critically analyze research findings, develop soft skills (including communication & leadership skills), and begin to explore innovation and entrepreneurship.

As of Winter 2016, RySciMatch has merged with CKIH 200 to facilitate the advancement of discussions that begin in RySciMatch, and serve as a pre-entry requirement for the Science Discovery Zone.

For more information on CKIH 200, please visit the Chang School website.

For more information about RySciMatch, read our 2015 news release (pdf) or our summary from the 2014 programming.



We look forward to having you join us Winter 2017 - Please Sign up on the right using the mentee form


Below is the content from Winter 2016

Week 1 (January 15th, 2016):
RSM: Mentor and Mentee Orientation and Poster Presentation 
CKIH: Introduction, and Mentoring and Leadership Defined

Week 2 (January 22nd 2016):
RSM: Health and Wellness: Self-Care
CKIH: Health and Wellness: Self-Care 

Panelists for RSM: 
- Juannitah Kamera, Jelena Madzarevic, Aesha Patel

Week 3 (January 29th, 2016):
RSM: Relevant Extracurricular Activities at Ryerson (and outside Ryerson)
CKIH: Learning Strategies 

Panelists for RSM: 
- Cristina Rodrigo, Samantha Sanchez, Robinder Jangi, Reeda Mahmood, Tara UpShaw

Week 4 (February 5th, 2016):
RSM: Mentorship, Leadership and Research: Finding Your Place
CKIH: Community Building: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion 

Panelists for RSM: 
- Vicki Saunders,  Leslie Bone, Dr. Lynda McCarthy, Michelle Lucas

Week 5 (February 12th, 2016):
RSM: Career Planning: Where to go with your degree (including LinkedIn profile development)
CKIH: Self-Analysis and Career Planning 

Confirmed Panelists for RSM: 
-Anne Cisterna
- Rebecca Dirnfeld


Week 7 (February 26th, 2016):
RSM: Communication skills I & II: Writing (what not to do!) & networking and presentation 
CKIH: Rapport Building and Communication Skills + Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving 

Confirmed Panelists for RSM: 
- Dr. Warren Wakarchuk 
- Evan Lee

Week 8 (March 4th, 2016):
RSM: Research Literacy: What does critical thinking mean to you?
CKIH: Check-In (Health and Wellness) + Project Management: Community Outreach 

Confirmed Panelists for RSM: 
- Dr. Emily Agard
- Dr. Kim Gilbride
- Dr. Joseph McPhee

Week 9 (March 11th, 2016):
RSM: Innovation: How you can be a part of it!
CKIH: Group Facilitation and Presentation Skills 

Confirmed Panelists for RSM: 
- Dr. Deborah de Lange

Week 10 (March 18th, 2016):
RSM: Science and Business: Bridging the gap
CKIH: Day 1 of Presentation 

Week 11 (April 1st, 2016):
RSM: Biosafety Training
CKIH: Day 2 of Presentation 

Week 12 (TBD):
Alumni Mentoring Event

Ten Thousand Coffees:This unique program connects individuals with industry professionals, one-on-one or as a group, to discuss concepts and insights over coffee.

Please visit the website for more information:

Science Rendezvous: An annual celebration of science taking place in the heart of Toronto, Yonge and Dundas Square. Science Rendezvous showcases science experiments that spark wonder and curiosity in children and adults alike.

Please visit the website for more information:

Volunteering with UHN: Through the University Health Network, students are given the opportunity to volunteer at one of Toronto's four leading health care facilities.

Please visit the website for more information:

This amazing opportunity facilitates networking amongst students from across campus, as well as guest speakers taking part in the TEDx conference.  

Please visit the website for more details:

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs):This distinctive program allows you to obtain online course certificates from world renowned universities, such as Harvard, Duke, Yale and Princeton.

Please visit the website for more details:

Integrated Risk Management at Ryerson (Certifications): Through this program, students can obtain certifications such as First Aid, CPR, WHMIS and Risk Management, utilizing various delivery methods (i.e.: online, in-person quiz, videos, etc).

Please visit the website for more details:

Hello Podium: Podium provides you with a list of talks happening in Toronto and Ottawa, on a variety of subjects like science, education, environment, and technology. 

Please visit the website for more details:

The CaB Undergraduate Research Leaders Challenge:
(F2015) is a proposal and presentation challenge originating from the Biomedical Course Union, and sponsored by the Department of Chemistry and Biology

This challenge allows Ryerson science students to propose innovative solutions to real-world problems. Teams of 3-5 students, from either contemporary science, biology, chemistry or biomedical science, collaborate to construct research proposals, developing skills in communication, leadership and teamwork, while applying their acquired undergraduate knowledge.

Last day to sign up will be Sunday, Nov 1st. For more information and timelines, please see the Leaders Challenge page.


    - The NSERC USRA summer award is an open comeptition (for students with a cumulative B+ or better standing) across Science and Engineering at Ryerson - we have 27 awards across campus and each department has slightly different timelines for application submission

Student in Medical Physics (due Feb 9th) should click here for more info.

Students in Chemistry and Biology (due Feb 13th) should click here for more info.

2. Shadowing and Mentoring   

    - Mentees who have demonstrated a committment to the RySciMatch program will be partnered with Mentors after reading break. Mentee/Mentor combinations will be assigned and depend on the availability of the Mentor, and should only being after WHMIS and Biosafety training have been completed.

3. Come when you can

    - Owing to the wide range of scheduling conflicts, we encourage students to come when you can, even if it is for only part of the session. Please use the Passport system to sign in when you arrive to the room.

4. 70% is not bad.

    - Mentee's will need to attend 7/10 sessions to qualify, and perform 3 hours of in-lab Mentor shadowing to gain a certificate for this program. Mentors are not required to attend the sessions, but are welcome to do so.

5. Career Planning in (and around) Your Science Degree

    - With a degree in science, you are well prepared to tackle the problems in the Natural and Physical world... But what about landing that dream job after your degree. The following clickable PDF's courtesy of The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)  offer some guiding tips on how to paln for a career in science or other professional disciplines.

  1. Finding the Right Path for You - Building a science career map.
  2. From Undergrad to Postdoc - Following opportunities to become a World Class Scientist.
  3. Industry or Academia? - Find out which field is best suited for you.
  4. The Informed Job Search - Understanding how to predict future job markets in science.
  5. Careers away from the Bench - Using your science degree in an different field.
  6. Women in Science - The world needs science, and science needs women.

6. Curriculum Vitae Example from Dr. Bryan Koivisto

7. Biosafety and WHMIS Certification - ONLINE

8. Previous RySciMatch Session (W2015):

Week 1 (Jan 21 - VIC608) - Orientation - Pizza and Posters!

Week 2 (Jan 28 - KHS239) - Mentorship, Leadership and Research: Finding your place (email Jessica Machado if you didn't get to sign in at the event)

A HUGE thank-you to our fantastic mentoring panel...

  • Leslie Bone – Graduate student; cofounder of the Ryerson chapter of Women in Science (WISR).
  • Akeisha Lari – Program director for Trimentoring at Ryerson and Instructor of CKIH 200 Science Mentorship.
  • Tash Jefferies – Ryerson alumni; Health and Lifestyle Expert & Sustainability Author
  • Dr. Stefanie Hixson – Postdoctoral fellow in the Art’s group.

Week 3 (Feb 4 - KHS239) - Communication Skills I: Writing (What not to do!) (email Jessica Machado if you didn't get to sign in at the event)

Thanks to our special guests,

Supplementary information can be found here: Presentation Slides, Sample Resume Template, General Science Writing Tips, Proposal Writing Guide

Week 4 (Feb 11 - KHS239) - Relevant Extracurricular Activities @ Ryerson

Week 5 (Feb 25 - KHS239) - Career Planning: Where to go with your degree

A huge thank you to our wonderful panel

  • Ahmad Sidiqui – B.Sc (Ryerson), MSc (UoT), MD candidate at UBC
  • Rebecca Dirnfeld – FoS Career Consultant
  • Maja Chojnacka – Chemistry, PhD Candidate UoT
  • Lindsay Jackson – Biology PhD Candidate Ryerson/ Let’s Talk Science
  • Anne Cisterna - Ryerson Coop

Week 6 (Mar 4 - KHS239) - Communcation Skills II: Networking and Presentation Skills - The slides can be downloaded here.

Week 7 (Mark 11 - KHS239) - Research Literacy: What does critical thinking mean to you!

A HUGE thank-you to our thoughful panel...

Week 8 (Mark 18 - KHS239) - Innovation and Entreprenuership at Ryerson

A HUGE thank-you to our fantastic panel...

Week 9 (Mar 25 - KHS239) -  Science Innovation Zone, and how you can be a part of it!

A HUGE thank-you to our thoughful panel...

Week 10 (April 1 - KHS239) - Alumni Mentoring Event - 5-8pm

A HUGE thank-you to our thoughful panel...

Week 11 (April 8 - KHS239) - OPTIONAL: Biosafety Training

A HUGE thank-you to...

  • Valerie Phelan



The RySciMatch Team

Ahmad Sidiqi

Ahmad Sidiqi


Ahmad Sidiqi is currently a student at the Faculty of Medicine at University of British Columbia, and a former Masters student at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. In addition to his work on halting pathological renal angiogenesis in diabetic patients, he is an innovative student leader with a passion for giving back to his community, and providing students with a well-rounded educational experience. He conducted his undergraduate degree in Biology at Ryerson University, and was awarded three summer research grants under the supervision of Dr. Roberto Botelho. In addition to his academic accomplishments, Ahmad was one of the founders and executive members of the Ryerson Science Society – a group dedicated to providing professional, career, and social events for the new Faculty of Science student body.  He also was the liaison between the faculty and the students in the department of Chemistry and Biology council. Collectively, his involvement in the community, the academic setting, and the research labs helped him realize and found RySciMatch. Through the support of the RySciMatch team and the Faculty of Science, he hopes that this program will bridge the gap between the student body and the vast research potential available to them.


Jessica Machado

Jessica Machado


Jessica Machado  is an undergraduate Biology student with experience in social innovation, design thinking, and outreach engagement. She has previously conducted response programs as Training Officer through the Ryerson Student Emergency Response Team (RyeSERT) and launched a workshop series in empowering students as drivers of social change as Director of RU a Changemaker. Jessica has also been connected to the community as an athlete on the varsity fencing team and through her involvement in zone learning. She has been awarded the W.H. Bouck Memorial Award for her community involvement, and was recently elected onto the Board of Governors for a one year term. Jessica has recently completed her undergraduate thesis, which focused on improving science literacy in marginalized communities through enhancing experiential education.  


Jelena Madzarevic

Jelena Madzarevic


Jelena Madzarevic is a fourth year undergraduate Chemistry student at Ryerson University. She is an involved student with a passion for education. Most recently, she was a Supported Learning Group (SLG) leader facilitating sessions that aimed to help students excel in Organic Chemistry I. Jelena has experience in student governance serving as the Ryerson Science Society VP of Events in  2013/2014. She also has mentorship experience with Ryerson's Tri-Mentoring Program and was awarded the 2014 Mentor of the Year award. Outside of the Faculty of Science, Jelena is co-Vice-President Education of Ryerson Toastmasters; an organization that encourages students to step out and develop communication, leadership and pubic speaking skills. Jelena aims to bring multiple perspectives to RySciMatch and support Faculty of Science student mentees in reaching their full potentials and exploring new opportunities. 





Aesha Patel

Aesha Patel 

Program Director

Aesha Patel is a third year undergraduate Biology co-op student at Ryerson, pursuing a minor in Business Essentials. She has volunteered in Dr. Lesley Campbell's lab, performing tasks such as data entry into the Canada Species at Risk Act (SARA) public registry, and planning outreach events for Science Rendezvous. She is continuously seeking science-based extracurricular activities both in and outside Ryerson. Aesha has assisted in the redevelopment of RySciMatch, ensuring that the programming seamlessly flows between RySciMatch and Chang School’s Science Mentorship program. She has written proposals for the Chemistry and Biology (CaB) Undergraduate Research Challenge and the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program. She has participated in Science Rendezvous and Days of Science, displaying a passion for science outreach. Currently, she is the Undergraduate Biology Associate for the CaB Undergraduate Research Leaders Committee.




portrait of Bryan Koivisto

Dr. Bryan Koivisto


Faculty Liaison

Dr. Koivisto is an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biology at Ryerson University. He is highly active in the promotion of student-led groups (such as the course unions, and the Ryerson Science Society), ans is an active voice in the Faculty of Science, and has been a great advocate of RySciMatch - understanding that this initiative benefits students, faculty, and the university as a whole. With students gaining leadership and networking experience through this program, they achieve a more complete undergraduate experience, while gaining important transferable skills. In addition to his active involvement in a research lab, and his community involvement augmenting his unique and effective teaching style, Dr. Koivisto reaches out to a wide spectrum of students and is the perfect liaison between them and the entire Faculty of Science.

If you have any more questions or concerns, please contact the program director at:




RySciMatch logo: the Ry is in yellow, SciMatch is in blue, and a double helix is behind the last four letters


How to register

To register for RySciMatch, please fill out one of the following forms online, and sign up for CKIH 200 through your RAMSS account:

Mentee form

Mentor form