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The Senate Appeals Committee (SAC) is recruiting faculty and student volunteers!

The Senate Office is in the process of recruiting new members, both faculty and students, for the Senate Appeals Committee (SAC). The Senate Appeals Committee is the final level to consider grade and standing appeals for undergraduate and Chang School students (Policy 134), and graduate students (Policy 152). It also considers cases regarding non-academic misconduct (Policy 61) and is the final level of appeal for academic misconduct cases (Policy 60).

SAC members work in three-person panels (two faculty members and a student) to hear student appeals of cases involving course grades, Required to Withdraw (RTW) and Permanent Program Withdrawal (PPW) standings, findings of academic misconduct, and to adjudicate penalty hearings in cases of very serious misconduct.

SAC members must therefore be comfortable asking questions at hearings, deliberating with other panel members, and arriving at a consensus decision. Panel Chairs are experienced SAC faculty members who receive additional training and are responsible for writing decision letters.

For more information, including information on how to apply, please click here.




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