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Consent Comes First

Our Community. Our Responsibility. Ryerson is committed to fostering a campus where consent comes first. Together we support survivors when they disclose, prevent and address sexual violence.  We learn about the issue, contribute to the conversation and are part of the change on campus.

This is How We #TakeCareRU

At Ryerson, we take care of each other.  If you are harmed or see someone being harmed, here are some ways you can intervene and follow-up.


We interrupt harmful actions or words before they escalate.

“She spilled her drink on them so I could slip away.”


We gather resources and support people to address the situation.

“They ran to get my friends to get me out of there.”


Together with survivors, we think of ways to support them when they feel unsafe.  

“We used a signal when things got weird at a party.”


Begin by listening

Respect confidentiality

Ask what they need

Validate  experiences


“He texted me to say he believed me.”



We talk directly to the person causing harm, letting them know why their words or actions aren’t okay.  

“My buddy pulled me aside and told me to stop.”


We ask the person harmed what they want in the moment, listen to the response and respect their decision.  

“He gently asked if I wanted him to get help.”


Be Part of the Change to Create a Campus Where Consent Comes First  

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Join the Healing Justice Group

If you are a Ryerson student who self-identifies as a survivor of sexual violence we want to create change with you. The Healing Justice group provides a safer space where survivors can be heard and take action on issues related to sexual violence on campus.  Join us to shape policy, programming and share insights on systems. Your voice matters and we want to work with you.

Join us! Complete and submit this confidential application form.

***To respect your privacy and boundaries please DO NOT disclose any details about the violence that has occurred.

Become a Media Maker with Pleasure Principles

Interested in radio or television and want to create a conversation on campus about consent? Join the Pleasure Principles media makers. Every Thursday we create a podcast and vlog exploring consent, pleasure and relationships. Learn podcasting and vlogging skills while creating media for the Ryerson community.  

Applications are due by October 4th 2017. Apply here.

Come to Feminist Hour

In collaboration RU Student Life, we are hosting monthly Feminist Hour events with educators, media makers and artists who are working to make issues related to gender justice. On September 25th in POD 60  we launch feminist hour with Juliana “Jewels” Smith a writer, cultural worker, educator, and keynote speaker.  She is the award winning author of the comic book series (H)afrocentric  The comic is a way to challenge students and readers alike about the presumptions around race, class, gender and sexuality through storytelling and character dialogue. Her practice focuses on the links between racial justice, gender equity, and political literacy; using creativity to facilitate dialogue.

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Be Brave

Are you brave? Join other men and gender non-binary masc folks to create spaces vulnerability and leadership for Ryerson community members. Together in this conscious raising space, we will collectively create a community of practice of accountability and responsibility.  Participants receive 16 hours of leadership training on bystander intervention, peer support, mental health, leadership, sexual health, facilitation. PLUS you get to part of two annual events Be Brave Gathering & Be Brave Campaign.

Applications will be made available in November 2017. Please contact Jesmen Mendoza for more information

Become a Consent Comes First Peer Leader

Want to address sexual violence on campus through education, training and events? Join the Consent Comes FIrst peer leadership program to be the change on campus. Participants receive 30+ hours of training and a certificate of completion. You have the opportunity to lead events including Feminist Hour, facilitate trainings on bystander intervention and support people affected by sexual violence on campus.  

Application coming October 10th 2017. For more details contact Yamikani Msosa