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Curious about your OSAP? Log in and check your status. Documents not processed yet? Check below - we update this page daily to let you know our processing times.

Haven't applied for OSAP yet? You still can - just anticipate delays receiving funds at the start of term. To get started, check out our new OSAP Guide.

Student Financial Assistance helps students plan for and meet educational expenses while attending university. We offer information and access to financial resources in the form of scholarships, bursaries, awards, grants from internal (university and donors), government (federal and provincial) and external organizations that support student success and university affordability.

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Important Information for Scholarship Recipients

If you are receiving a Guaranteed and Renewable Scholarship from Ryerson, don’t worry about including it on your OSAP – the Student Financial Assistance office will report it on your behalf. Already entered it on your application? No problem! The SFA team will check to make sure it’s only counted once. Receiving external scholarships and awards? Be sure to include them on your application. Oh, and one more thing – keep being awesome!

Free Tuition

You may have heard about Ontario's new "Free Tuition" initiative. This program will make a university education more affordable for thousands of students across the province. To access the program, you must apply for full time OSAP funding. If you are eligible, OSAP will provide you with grants (money you don't pay back) equal to or greater than the cost of your tuition. It's that simple. In addition, OSAP may calculate additional grant and loan funding to assist with your living costs, books, and travel expenses. Some conditions do apply. The free tuition program is based on an assessment of financial need, and not every university program is eligible for all grants. To find out if you qualify, fill out an OSAP application today, at If you would like a quick estimate regarding your eligibility, you can fill out an OSAP estimate online using the OSAP Aid Estimator. If you have additional questions regarding your situation, or your OSAP eligibility, please contact the Student Financial Assistance office (see above section for details). We will be happy to help!

OSAP Application

The 2017-2018 full time OSAP application is now available. Complete and submit your application as soon as possible in order to have funding ready for September. To begin your application, visit the OSAP website, at

OSAP: Confirmation of Enrolment

The week of August 30th, we will begin confirming enrolment for full-time OSAP students. You will get an email when your enrolment has been confirmed and your OSAP account will be updated online. Usually, it takes 4-6 business days for OSAP to arrive – be sure to keep an eye on your account. Forget how much you’re getting? Log in to your OSAP account for your detailed breakdown, as well as a note about where you asked your funds to be deposited (your RAMSS account or your bank account). One last thing: make sure your RAMSS account is paid in full by the beginning of October as monthly interest (of 1.25%) will be charged on any outstanding fees. Check out our new OSAP Guide for details.