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Sound, Mind, Applied Research & Technology Laboratory


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Science of Music, Auditory Research and Technology

The SMART lab is an interdisciplinary research team concerned with questions at the intersection of mind, music and technology. Our research is rooted in the rapidly emerging field of music cognition but it also branches out to connect with complementary work in the fields of hearing science, comunication disorders, emotion, human factors, and assistive/rehabilitative technology. Here are just a few of the questions we are currently investigating:

  • How do movement and mimicry contribute to vocal emotional communication?
  • What aspects of music and speech can be experienced through vibro-tactile stimulation?
  • How can music be used to induce and regulate emotion?
  • How does the urban soundscape influence our perception, mood and behavior?
  • Can we improve music information retrieval by incorporating relevant findings from music cognition?

Latest Publications:

Russo, F. A., Vempala, N., & Sandstrom, G. M. (in press). Predicting musically induced emotions from physiological inputs: Linear and neural network models. Frontiers in Emotion Science.

Russo, F. A., Behar, A., Chasin, M., & Mosher, S. (2013). Noise exposure and hearing loss in classical orchestra musicians. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics. DOI: 10.1016/j.ergon.2012.11.001

Sandstrom, G. M., & Russo, F. A. (2013). Absorption in music: A scale to identify individuals with strong emotional responses to music, Psychology of Music, 41, 216 - 228.

Gordon, M. S., Russo, F. A., & Macdonald, E. (2013). Spectral information for detection of acoustic time-to-arrival. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 75, 738-750.

Chan, L., Livingstone, S., & Russo, F. A. (2013). Automatic facial mimicry of emotion during perception of song. Music Perception, 30, 361-367.

Ammirante, P., Russo, F. A., Good, A., & Fels, D. I. (2013). Feeling voices. PloS ONE, 8, e53585


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