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A snap shot of Associate Professor Cyndy Baskin, the School of Social Work

Cyndy Baskin

Associate Professor



EPH-212, Eric Palin Hall

416 979 5000 ext. 6217

Cyndy Baskin is Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at Ryerson University. Of Mi’kmaq and Celtic Nations, she is of the Fish Clan and also known as The Woman Who Passes on the Teachings.

She is the Academic Coordinator of Ryerson University’s Chang School of Continuing Education Certificate in Indigenous Knowledges and Experiences in Canada, serves as the Chair of Ryerson University’s Aboriginal Education Council and is the Board President of Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto.

Cyndy’s teaching is primarily on bringing Indigenous worldviews into social work education for both Indigenou and non-Indigenous students. Thus, she develops and teaches courses which focus on this area and ensures that this content is integrated into all of the other courses she instructs. Cyndy also has a strong teaching emphasis on how social work theory, practice, research and policy interact and impact on one another. With several years’ experience as a front line social worker, she also has a practice based emphasis in her teaching.

Cyndy’s research focuses on structural determinants of health, connections between child welfare and substance misuse treatment with Indigenous women, food and water security, missing and murdered Indigenous women and youth wellness in Indigenous communities, with an emphasis on the implementation of Indigenous research methodologies.

Academic Cooridinator of Ryerson University’s Chang School of Continuing Education’s Certificate in Indigenous Knowledges and Experiences

Board Member Native Men’s Residence of Toronto

Board President of Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto

Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work

Canadian Association of Studies in Food Security

Canadian Association of Universities Teachers Aboriginal Caucas

Chair of Ryerson University's Aboriginal Education Council

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