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Doreen Fumia, Associate Professor

TELEPHONE:  416-979-5000 ext 2605


B.A. (University of Toronto), M.A. (University of Toronto), Ph.D (University of Toronto, Sociology and Equity Studies)


Theories of Identities; Sexualities; Social Inequality; Equity in Education

Professor Fumia teaches sociological perspectives with a special interest in sexual identities, unequal social relations and community-based equity issues. It is important to her that students gain a sense that the knowledge shared in the classroom is connected to the social world in which they live. To this end, it is imperative to make links between higher education and the contemporary political landscape, media representation and popular culture.


SOC633:  Sexualities, Identities, and Society
IS 8936:  Theories of Migration and Identities


Sexual Citizenship; Queer Geography and Local Neighbourhoods; Queer Identities; Queer Pedagogy; Lesbian Mothers

Dr. Fumia’s academic work is consciously embedded in the space of the urban landscape of Toronto. Her main research interests have focused on a social history and spatial analysis of sexual citizenship and gentrification in Cabbagetown. With funding from Ryerson University, she is currently working on a project examining the changes that have taken place at the Triangle program since it began 15 years ago. She and her research student recently wrote a news article about Triangle in the local LGBT newspaper Xtra!. Her newest research involves a multi-partnered study investigating precarious work in low and middle income neighbourhoods in Toronto.


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2010 Fumia, Doreen. “I Do” Belong in Canada: Same Sex Relationship and Marriage. In David Cheal (Ed.) New Canadian Families, Toronto: Oxford University Press, Second Edition, pp 167- 182.
2010Lesbian Mothering. Encyclopedia of Motherhood, Andrea O’Reilly (ed). Sage Publication.
2008 Bhandar, Davina, Doreen Fumia and Zoe Newman (Guest Editors). Special Issue: Decolonizing Spaces. Resources for Feminist Research/Documentation sur la Recherché, Volume 33(1/2).
2008 Dehli, Kari and Doreen Fumia. “Teachers’ Informal Learning, Identity and Education ‘Reform.’” In K. Church, N. Bascia and E. Shragge (Eds.), The Politics of Informal Learning. Springer pp 143-168.


Doreen is Co-Chair of the Equity and Diversity Council, and member of the Executive, CAUT. She is a member of the Triangle Program School Community Council, Canada’s only school for at-risk LGBTQ students. She is also a community member of the Equity Policy Advisory Committee at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), the co-chair of the Anti-Homophobia Coalition (TDSB) and a faculty member of Positive Space at Ryerson. Doreen developed the Rye-Tri Program that allows a Triangle Student to take a university course while in their last year of high school and for graduate students at Ryerson to do their placement at the Triangle Program.


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