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School of Occupational and Public Health

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Research into a wide range of occupational health and safety and public health issues is undertaken by faculty and students within the School of Occupational and Public Health. The School works closely with a range of stakeholders and outside agencies to conduct ‘real world’ research that aims to provide practical solutions to important health and safety challenges. The scope of issues that are currently researched include:

·         Ergonomics, biomechanics and human factors
·         Industrial ventilation
·         Control of physical and chemical factors in the occupational environment
·         Hazardous waste management and pollution control
·         Health effects of the built environment, including cycling-related issues
·         Epidemiology of occupational and environmental causes of health and disease
·         Industrial hygiene and exposure assessment
·         Food safety and food-borne disease epidemiology
·         Toxicology of environmental and occupational exposures, including nanoparticles and persistent organic
·         Environmental health of First Nations people/communities
·         Public health microbiology
·         Water-borne disease microbiology and epidemiology
·         Urban and regional planning with an emphasis on public health and environmental assessment
·         Occupational health and safety legal issues and management systems
·         Human health risk assessment and management
·         Occupational and public exposure to ultraviolet radiation
·         Influence of social media on public health issues
·         Amusement ride safety
·         Global health and health policy

Further details about research interests of faculty members are available on the Faculty & Staff page, with examples of research activities below.


Thomas Tenkate

Thomas Tenkate
Director of the School of Occupational and Public Health

Mohammad Abdoli

Mohammad Abdoli
Associate Professor

Jordan Tustin

Jordan Tustin
Assistant Professor

Jaunuary 20, 2015
Ebola Worker Still Fearlful


Kathryn Woodcock

Kathryn Woodcock
Associate Professor

Eric Liberda

Eric Liberda
Associate Professor