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    Jobs for undergraduate students

    Mainly through Ryerson's Career Boost program, SLS offers many on-campus jobs such as peer advisors, tutors, office helpers, leaders and more. These are great opportunities to get even more engaged at Ryerson, meet new people, and do meaningful work on campus. And get paid! Some students have even gone on to be hired full-time after graduation.

    For Fall 2017, we're hiring the following Career Boost Program positions:

    • Student Note-Taking Program (RU Noted)
    • Reception and Special Projects Assistant
    • Test Centre Administrative Assistant

    To view available job postings, please visit the Career Centre Jobs On Campus website!

    Previous positions in SLS include:

    • Transition Program Assistant
    • Test Centre Assistant
    • Student Note-Taking Program (RU Noted)
    • Peer English Language Facilitator
    • SLS One-Stop Specialist
    • Supported Learning Group Leader (MTH131, MTH140,CHY103, CHY142, CPS118, CPS109, PCS120, SSH105)
    • Engineering Tutor (PCS211, CHY102)
    • Peer Academic Coaches