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After your project has reached completion, the committee requires that you submit a Final Report and Final Budget, detailing some of the highs and lows associated with its execution, as well as the project’s final costs and how you spent your SIF funding.  Your Final Report & Budget are due 2 weeks after your project completes, and need to be submitted digitally.  Failure to submit a Final Report and Final Budget may result in your group being ineligible for further SIF funding in future years.


How To Submit:

To submit your Final Report and Final Budget, please log-in to the SIF database and upload a digital copy* under the “Final Report” tab in your SIF Application.

*We will not accept paper copies of your Final Report or Budget.

Final Report

The Final Report should be a minimum of 2 pages in length, and include the following:

  • The project’s main objectives.
  • The project’s key achievements.
  • Details of any difficulties encountered.
  • Your marketing and communication strategy (How was the student body made aware of the project and its outcomes?)
  • Current contact information (including phone# and email) of the project’s main contact person.
  • The signature of your project supervisor.


Final Budget

The final budget should include the following:

  • A complete list of actual costs / expenditures
  • Details of the specific costs SIF funded
  • Other sources of funding / revenue


The committee would appreciate a one-paragraph write-up about your event, along with two or more photos that can be put on the SIF website gallery.  These submissions can be emailed to  Please make sure your subject line includes the name of the project and the group name, as it was written on your SIF application.