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Before a student or group can receive SIF funding, they must have a project supervisor—which is where you come in. A SIF project supervisor is a Ryerson employee there to offer general advice regarding the planning process and the financial side of things. Thank you for taking on this responsibility and helping our students make campus an exciting, vibrant place to work.

To be eligible to act as a SIF project supervisor, you must be either Ryerson Faculty or a full-time staff member at the university.

Before a student or group will be given a presentation slot, we must receive email confirmation from their project supervisor that he or she has accepted the responsibility. If your name has been attached to a SIF project, but you did not agree to be the project’s supervisor, please contact us at immediately.

By being named as a project supervisor for a student / group requesting SIF funding, there are certain expectations you are agreeing to uphold:


  • You will offer general advice to the students regarding their project.
  • You will ensure the students follow the Official SIF Policies, as they apply to the project.
  • You will sign a copy of the project’s Final Report.
  • Ensure the project acknowledges SIF support by including our logo in marketing materials.


  • You will ensure the students submit their final report/budget by the deadlines outlined by SIF.
  • You will ensure the students submit financial paperwork by the deadlines outlined by Financial Services and the SIF Administrators.


  • You will help the students set-up and monitor a proper budget. (SIF Budget Template.)
  • You will offer advice on how the financial process works at Ryerson University (this includes using Oracle on behalf of the students).
  • You will act as signing authority for the project’s SIF cost-centre (this includes Petty Cash Reimbursements and Cheque Requisitions).


  • You are responsible for any deficits incurred by the project, due to overspending out of the SIF cost-centre.
  • If the project overspends out of its SIF cost-centre, the project supervisor is responsible for repaying the difference (either by the student group or through the department’s cost-centre).


Download this helpful Information Sheet for Project Supervisors