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The SIF Secondary Application was created for applicants wishing to access additional funds beyond the $5000 for new projects or $2500 for established projects, up to an additional $4,000 for new projects, and $2000 for established projects. The Secondary Application is much more intensive than the first round, and interested groups should look ahead and consider whether or not they wish to apply while they are completing their first round application.



To be eligible for the Secondary Application, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You must send an email to before your first-round presentation, indicating your interest in applying for secondary funding.  Make sure to include your project’s name as you submitted it for your first-round application.
  • Your project must be awarded full funding (maximum of $5,000 for new projects (in place for 3 years or less), and $2500 for established projects (in place for 4 years or more)) by the committee during the first-round application.

The committee will not accept any Secondary Applications received that do not meet both of these requirements.

If eligible, you need to submit your Secondary Application within 30 days of receiving the email confirmation of your first-round funding.


What To Include:

  • If your application is on behalf of a student group, you must submit a copy of your group’s yearly budget, including the total funding you have access to (including fundraising income), and how that money has been allocated for the academic year.
  • A detailed financial report that outlines all your efforts to seek additional funds to support this project.  (Who did you ask, and why?  How much did they offer you?  Etc.)  You should include any proof you have such as receipts, university cost centre reports, or documentation showing examples of outreach and responses received.
  • Information about the outcomes of your project, and how they satisfy the scope of SIF as laid out in section 3.0 of the SIF policies.
  • If this is a recurring project, you need to include evidence of student engagement from past years (for example: survey responses, attendance numbers, pictures, and any other assessment examples you can find).
  • You will need 2 letters of support, with at least one being from a faculty or staff member.

Please note, you will not have a chance to present to the committee regarding your Secondary Application, nor will the committee have the opportunity to ask you questions.  Everything you have to say, including arguments and proof, must be clearly presented in your application.


How to Submit:

You will need to create a new SIF application, with the title:

“SECONDARY APPLICATION: [insert the exact same title as your first-round application]”

First-round application title:   R!OT 2014
Secondary application title:    SECONDARY APPLICATION: R!OT 2014

Fill out the contact information the same as you did on your first-round application; under “Details,” please type “See supplementary document.”  You should upload a single PDF document under the Supplementary Files that includes all the necessary pieces of your Secondary Application (including your student group budget).



Your application will then be circulated to the SIF committee who will review the request and award funding at their next meeting based on the following criteria:

  • Your project’s demonstrated need for funding despite responsible financial management.
  • That you can show, with proof of funds provided, that you’ve made a dedicated effort to secure alternative funding sources (fundraising, sponsorships, donations, etc.).
  • That your project shows a strong impact on the Ryerson community and supports the scope of SIF, in addition to the Academic Mission of the university.
  • For recurring projects, that the past occurrences have been well-received and have enhanced student engagement, demonstrated through feedback surveys, attendance, and other assessments.

All decisions made by the committee are final, and there is no appeal process.