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Student Note-Taking

What is RU noted?

RU noted! is the student note-taking program at Ryerson University. It is a confidential service offered through the Access Centre for registered students who are eligible to receive this classroom accommodation. Students requiring a note-taker as an academic accommodation are matched with a student volunteer who provides his/her notes for each class. 

If you require a student note-taker for the upcoming semester, please complete the Student Note-Taking Request Form.

If you would like to be a student note-taker, sign-up on the RU noted! website.

Information for Students Requesting Notes

How do I request a note-taker?

  1. Confirm on your Accommodation Form for Professors that student note-taking is one of your accommodations.
  2. Provide a copy of the Student Note-Taking Program Announcement to your professor (emailed to you by your facilitator).
  3. Complete the Student Note-Taking Request Form.
  4. When a note-taker is found, you will be notified.

What if a student note-taker does not come forward?   

This happens sometimes. Here are steps to problem-solve:

  1. Speak to your professor and ask if he/she will make another announcement to the class.
  2. If you're comfortable doing so, ask a classmate if he/she would be willing to apply as a student note-taker.
  3. Should these steps not result in a student note-taker coming forward within a week or two, please contact your Facilitator to explore other options, such as audio-recording your lectures. More information about recording.

How do I access my notes?

Click here for a short instructional video on accessing your notes, or download the handout

**If you have difficulty accessing the notes on Blackboard, please email


When will notes be posted?

Your notes should be posted within 48 hours of the class. If your notes do not seem to be posted in a timely manner, please email

Upcoming Deadlines:

Winter 2014:

Monday, Dec. 30th           Applications for RU noted! open

Monday, Jan.6th              Winter courses begin

Friday, Feb.14th               Last day to apply for note-taker for Winter semester

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