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Meal Plans

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Student Housing Services - Meal Plans

Ryerson Eats promotes fresh, wholesome, Ontario-sourced food for our campus community. We believe that universities can nurture a more sustainable food system with thoughtful food procurement, consumption and advocacy.

Whether you’re new to Ryerson this year, or a returning student, this is a very exciting time to be a part of our community as we are in the midst of transforming food services on campus. We are thrilled to be here to offer you meal and snack options that are healthful, affordable and delicious!

In the weeks and months ahead, as you settle into class routines, we hope you will keep an eye out for our social and digital media presence on the website, Twitter and Instagram, as we have some exciting things planned! If you see us at events around campus, please come say hello, and share any of your thoughts and hopes for our campus food services.

Your food experiences are important to us! If you have questions about the menus, or have a dietary restriction and would like to chat about your options please connect with us. We will ensure that you are served a wholesome and delicious meal that accommodates all your needs. 

Niveen Saleh - Manager of Student Experience

416 - 979 - 5000 ext. 3345

Meal Plan Rates
Meal Plans 1st installment
Due July 8, 2015
2nd installment
Due Jan. 15, 2016
Small $1,701.10 $1,701.10 $3,402.20
Medium $1,852.53 $1,852.53 $3,705.06
Large $2,051.36 $2,051.36 $4,102.72
Flex $1,303.24 $1,303.24 $2,606.48

Meal plans allow you to purchase food, without tax, at only Ryerson Food Service operated cafeterias and coffee shops on campus.  Your Ryerson OneCard doubles as your meal plan card, which is used like a debit card.  No need to carry cash!

The value of your meal plan will be loaded onto your Ryerson OneCard when you move into residence.

Half of the value is loaded onto your card in September; the remaining half is loaded onto your card in January.  Money remaining on your card in December will be transferred to second term, but any funds left on the card at the end of the year (in April) are not refundable or transferable.  You can find out more about the dollar amount for each meal plan size in residence fees.

Meal plans are mandatory for students living in Pitman Hall and the ILLC. You can choose from small, medium or large once you receive a Residence Offer of Accommodation.  Students offered a space in a Pitman Hall Apartment can choose the smaller flex plan.

Students in O'Keefe House are not required to have a meal plan, but can opt into the meal plan if you like.  If you'd like a commuter sized meal plan you can contact the OneCard office.

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