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School of Urban and Regional Planning

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The School of Urban and Regional Planning Information on: Ethics Review

Ethics Review At Ryerson University

All University research is governed by policies and practices that ensure the
protection of research participants, the researcher (faculty, student or staff
member), the university, and the public. These include policies on research
involving humans, the use of animals, and hazardous materials or controlled
goods, among others.

All research involving humans, animals, or controlled goods undertaken at
Ryerson University facilities and conducted by Ryerson University faculty, students
and staff is subject to review and approval.

Research Ethics Review & Approval Process for Student Researchers

All students, both graduate and undergraduate MUST submit their research
proposal and design protocol for review. Graduate students must use the on-line
ethics review submission system via Blackboard (available at to
submit their proposals to the University’s Research Ethics Board (REB) for review
and approval. Students are not permitted to undertake any research until REB
approval has been received.

Undergraduate students must complete an application for Ethics Review (see
below) and submit this, with their research proposal to their Faculty Advisor for
review and approval. The Faculty Advisor will respond by email, usually within a
week. Students are not permitted to undertake any research until their Faculty
Advisor’s Approval has been received.

Does my research require an Ethics Review?

If you are unsure if your research requires an ethics review, read this document,
concerning the rights and responsibilities of undergraduate students as researchers, found here:

Follow this flowchart as it relates to your proposed research—or click here:  to download the
pdf (follow the link marked “flowchart”). The red boxes indicate that an Ethics
Review is required.

Ethics Review Applications & Checklist

Undergraduate student research projects submitted for ethics review to the Faculty Advisor must contain the following information, provided by the student(s):

  • Student name(s)
  • Project title
  • Course number
  • Student Self-Assessment Checklist (click here or  to download the PDF; online, follow the link marked “Undergraduate students as researchers”)
  • Proposed dates to begin and end collecting data
  • Project completion date
  • Purpose of project
  • Project methodology
  • Copy of data collection instruments to be used
  • Description of participants, how sampled, how enlisted
  • Description of procedures in which participants will participate
  • A risk/benefit analysis
  • Statement of information to be given to participants
  • Statement of methods and appropriateness of methods of obtaining consent
  • Copy of consent form or information
  • Description of methods to be adopted to protect the right of participants to privacy, anonymity, and confidentiality
  • Description of feedback to be given to participants

Guidelines and Forms

Information about Student Research and Ethics is found here:

The rights and responsibilities of undergraduate students as researchers here:
Click here to download the PDF.

Guidelines for Ethics Review involving human subjects is found here:
Click here to download the PDF.

Sample Consent Forms are found here:
Click here to download the PDF:

For more information on the Research Ethics Review process, policies and the
role of the REB, contact:

Alexander Karabanow
Research Ethics Coordinator
Telephone: 416-979-5000 Extension 7112
Fax: 416-979-5336

Or visit the website of the University’s Vice President of Research and Innovation
(Research Ethics section) at:

For more information about or assistance with applications for Ethics Review in
the School of Urban & Regional Planning, contact the School Ethics Review
Committee members:

Dr. Joe Springer 416-979-5000 x6766
Prof. Nina-Marie Lister 416-979-5000 x6769