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School of Urban and Regional Planning

School of Urban and Regional Planning

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The School of Urban and Regional Planning Information on:
Financial Aid, Awards, and Scholarships

The Student Financial Assistance & Awards websites are:  and respectively.

Tuition Fees can be found on the Current Students web site:

These web sites provide information for current and incoming students about:

You can also find information on the costs of education and how you can budget for them.  Check these websites often for updated information.

Financial Aid, Assistance and Bursaries:

Students can obtain information on financial aid and bursary availability and eligibility from the financial assistance and awards website.  Many bursaries require the student to submit an application and demonstrate financial need.  These applications are available from the Financial Assistance and Awards website and office.

You can also meet with a Student Financial Assistance Advisor in the Student Financial Assistance Office at Ryerson to obtain advice and guidance. OSAP is the major form of government assistance available to students from Ontario.  Students from other provinces and territories can apply for government assistance from their ‘home’ province/territory.

Awards and Scholarships:

Click here for a complete listing of the S.U.R.P. Specific Awards at Ryerson

There are different types of awards and scholarships available.  Note that all of the external awards and some of the University awards require the student to fill out an application.

(1) These awards and scholarships from Ryerson are available through the student’s school, faculty and from different departments.  There are also awards and scholarships available from outside of Ryerson.  A brief overview of these awards is provided below:

The School of Urban and Regional Planning distributes several student awards annually during an Awards Reception each autumn. 

There are varying application requirements. Click here for a table outlining the application process for some of the awards.

Awards where there is no application required from student
These awards are awarded to Urban Planning students based on their academic performance and promise.  You are not required to apply for these academic performance awards because all full-time Urban Planning students are automatically considered for them based on their previous year's academic performance.  The academic criteria for these awards are either set by the School or by the award donors.  Some of these awards have non academic criteria as well. One example is the Donald J. Logan Class of ’73 Bursary which has criteria of good academic performance and community involvement with preference for students from a rural background.  These awards are listed in the School of Urban and Regional Planning Handbook, and on Ryerson’s Awards website.

Awards where the student can apply and faculty can nominate candidates
The Joseph Lebovic Award ($2500*)  The Lebovic award is awarded to a student completing their third year and returning for their fourth who has an interest in private land development.  Professor Amborski administers this award and any inquires can be directed to him at:
Michael Weich Award ($1,000*)  Awarded to a 2nd year student who demonstrates success despite personal issues, such as health or family problems, financial circumstances, or learning disabilities.
The Peter Bennett Award ($1,000*)  Awarded to a current 3rd or 4th year student in good academic standing who demonstrates excellence in the application of research methods or planning analysis (ie. Survey research, statistical analysis, GIS) to urban and regional planning in combination with a dedication to community service.
Todd Hesselink International Exchange Award ($3000) Awarded to one full-time undergraduate student in the Urban and Regional Planning program and participating in the Ryerson University International Exchange program.

Awards where the student must apply
The Ryerson Planning Alumni Awards (from $1000 to $4500*) are available to senior Urban and Regional Planning students.  These awards require the student to submit an application which is normally due in March.  These awards are administered entirely by the Ryerson Planning Alumni Association (RPA).  Inquires can be directed to Rita Kostyan, RPA School liaison, or to the RPA President Maruizio Rogato at

(2) The awards given out through the Faculty of Community Services (from $500 to $1000*) are posted throughout the school year and are also on Ryerson's awards website:  Many of these postings occur in October, February and March, and there are a few others available at other times of the year.  Some of these awards require the student to complete an application.

(3) There is a lot of information on University-wide awards and bursaries (from $500 to $4000+*) available on Ryerson's Financial Assistance and Awards website.

(4) Corporations, Organizations and Private donors offer awards and scholarships (various amounts, some may cover all tuition costs) to students who meet all or most of the award’s academic and/or non-academic criteria.  You can find information about these on the Financial Assistance and Awards website and on other web resources such as and  External Awards have varied criteria and they always require the student to complete an application.

Other websites to look through for external awards available to Urban and Regional Planning students are the OPPI website: for scholarships and grants, the CIP website: for student trust and scholarship information, and Urban Development Institute/Ontario website: for scholarship information.

* all amounts are approximate and subject to change

The Student Financial Assistance Office

Ryerson’s Student Financial Assistance Office is located on the ground floor of the Podium/Library building, room POD 59.  For more information see their web site.

For questions and information regarding Government Assistance Programs and Short Term loans, contact the Student Financial Assistance Office: 416-979-5113 or

The government website is

Students from other provinces can find information on grants from their home province by visiting:

For Scholarships and Awards, phone 416-979-5113 or e-mail

For Bursaries and Work Study phone 416-979-5000 ext. 7298 or e-mail