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In 2012, the Sustainability Matters program was created within the Campus Facilities & Sustainability department.  The program was designed to ensure a sincere, intelligent and unifying approach to addressing sustainability across campus is employed.


As part of our commitment to delivering an exceptional educational experience, Ryerson is developing sustainable operating practices and capital investment strategies. As part of this transformation, we are activating the campus community by engaging academics, researchers, students, administrators and other stakeholders in contributing through collaboration.


Ryerson will intelligently and continuously pursue opportunities to improve the sustainability of our campus, embracing the contributions of our entire community and serving as a catalyst for broader transformation.



With people at the program’s core, we will engage the various stakeholders in and beyond our community by promoting inclusion, participation and partnership.



We will explore and discover new, creative and inspiring ways to overcome challenges that produce exceptional results.



We will capitalize on opportunities that enable us to conserve resources and centrally coordinate sustainability efforts across campus to eliminate the duplication of efforts.



Our program will promote a culture that encourages people to be part of change in a way that is inspiring and creates a positive experience.



Our community members will, through participation, share experiences that ignite an interest and motivation to challenge the status quo on and off campus.