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Welcome to the New Sustainability Matters Website!

Sustainability Matters is very excited to announce the launch of our brand new website. All of the amazing feedback we have received from the Ryerson community over the years has helped us to greatly improve the site’s look, content and usability. Please note that as part of this relaunch, we have moved to from our previous URL,

Below we have highlighted the five most notable improvements to check out:

Explaining what we do

To help the community understand Sustainability Matters’ two-pronged approach to tackling sustainability at Ryerson, we have created an interactive visual. Simply click on the aspect that you are interested in learning more about and you will be directed to more information. The interactive visual can be found here.

Sharing our progress and initiatives

It is important for everyone to be in-the-know about what we have accomplished and what we can continue to improve upon. In our progress and initiatives section we profile how key aspects of environmental and social sustainability are being addressed at Ryerson.  Included in each profile is a general overview, list of notable projects as well as any relevant student, administrative and academic groups. Learn more about the progress and initiatives contributing to sustainability at Ryerson here.

Raising awareness about sustainability opportunities

Sustainability Matters has compiled complete lists of all Ryerson administrative groups, student groups and academic opportunities with a sustainability focus. Check out our Academic Opportunities page to browse all programs, certificates, courses, research institutes and zones with a sustainability focus. If you are interested in joining a student group or using the services of a sustainability related administrative group, check out the Groups page here.

Recognizing RU:Sustainable certified groups

At Ryerson there are many student, administrative and academic groups that have chosen to proactively address how sustainably they function. In recognition of the efforts of those that have participated in the RU:Sustainable Certification Program we’ve added a page dedicated to profiling their accomplishments. Learn more about the RU:Sustainable Certified groups here!

Letting people know how to get involved

If you’re interested in contributing to Sustainability at Ryerson you can find an overview of all the ways you can get involved here!

As always, we encourage you to get in touch if you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions. Thank you for your interest in learning more about sustainability at Ryerson and enjoy the new website!