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Social Venture Prize –  Startup funding for Social Entrepreneurship

The Faculty of Arts has created a new fund, the Social Venture Prize, to support students who are incubating social innovation projects in the SocialVentures Zone or within the zone network. This targeted funding encourages Faculty of Arts students to move their initiative forward by supporting start-up costs (it is not intended to be used as salary).  The campaign is funded by faculty and staff from the Faculty of Arts, the Brookfield Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Ryerson University.

Prize Details
  • Startup Funds: Two prizes of $1500 to be given out twice per year starting in 2016 for emerging projects in the initial ideation phase, including market validation.  One of these prizes must be granted to a Faculty of Arts student.
  • Development Funds: One prize of $3000 to be given in fall and winter starting in 2017 for ventures that are in the development stage to advance their business plan and take the enterprise to market.
  • Applicants must have a clear academic standing and be a Ryerson undergraduate, graduate or continuing education student. One prize will be awarded to a student in a humanities or social sciences program for the Arts prize

  • Applicants must be enrolled in the SocialVentures Zone or the Zone Learning Network

  • Students who are applying must be registered for their program in the semester in which the award will be received

  • If it is a team application, at least one member of the team must be a Ryerson student and meet the eligibility conditions

  • Applicants who have received the award previously are not eligible to apply in the same calendar year

  • Applicants for the development phase must be either registered as a business or nonprofit or demonstrate that they are in the process of registering

  • Nonprofit/charitable organizations that do not yet have a charitable designation can partner with a charitable organization to receive funds

Applications should include a completed application form and cover letter:

Application Deadline for 2017
  • Applications will open again in October